Posted by: Nathan | November 16, 2006

Joe Quote of the Week: 11/12-18

Continued from last week:


 Waturi: “You’re like a child. And what’s this lamp for? Is there not enough light in here for you?

Joe: “The flourescents affect me. They make me feel blotchy…puffy. I thought this light would—”

W: “Get rid of the light. This is not your bedroom, Joe; this is an office. Maybe if you start treating this like a job instead of some kind of a welfare hospital, you’ll shape up. And Joe, I want those catalogs.”

J: “Then please order them.”

W: “Watch yourself, Joe. Think about what I said. You’ve got to get yourself into a flexible frame or else you are no place. And take that light off the desk.”

J: “I will.”

W: “Do it now. Good.”

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