Posted by: Nathan | November 27, 2006

Turkey Day, a Couch and Christmas Decorations

I’m jumbling all of these items together because they happened in rapid succession, and because I’m lazy. Let’s just call it a potpourri post.


J and I spent Thanksgiving together without any family for the first time. It was bittersweet. Both of us felt that it was very strange to have a holiday sans family; it didn’t really seem like Thanksgiving in some ways. But we had each other and much to be thankful for, and J made a killer turkey on her first attempt. It was delicious! We saw a sweet idea for turkey-making on Food Network just before we put the bird in, so we inserted herb butter under the skin and smeared plenty on top of the turkey. Our turkey was super moist and delicious. Here is a picture of the food:


Needless to say, it was yummy.

New Couch

Saturday morning, we received our long-awaited new sofa. Our living room just hadn’t felt like home; we definitely missed having a couch to lie on and relax. We’re super pumped about the color and the fabric. The cushions are still a little stiff, but squishiness will come with time.


Christmas Decorations

And, of course, we had to decorate for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. Here are some pics:

Colored lights and garland on the rail.


Our new Xmas tree. No, it’s not real. It’s a white Chrismas for us this year, hence the white lights on the tree and mantle. J prefers white lights; I prefer colored, so we alternate.


The lights on the stairs again.

Poinsettas also make their appearnce in our house this time of year.

Close up on the mantle.

Ornament on the tree.

And our wreath.






  1. Even your blog is Christmas themed! The food looks great, and your apartment is oozing class and warmth. I’m officially in the Christmas spirit now.

  2. The meal looks delicious! Though, with J’s mad cooking skillz, there were no doubts here. That couch looks perfect for sinking in with a nice cup of christmas-flavored coffee and a good book. Mmmmm…good book.

  3. That does look good. Too bad your week after Thanksgiving might be a little rougher after I beat you in fantasy!! It is a blow, I’ll admit, that the Ravens D only got me 9 points when they usually get like 15 or 30, but Romo’s going down this week, and so are Reggie Wayne and Westbrook!! Aha!

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