Posted by: Nathan | December 5, 2006

It Should Be Michigan

I’m not a Michigan backer by any stretch of the imagination; in fact, I usually root against them. However, there is no good reason why Michigan isn’t playing Ohio State for the national title. There are lots of arguments why Michigan is the better team, and Gene Wojciechowski lists them off better than I can, but the larger issue here is the same freakin’ one we have every year at this time: how long will we have to put up with this bogus BCS system?

I don’t have to list the examples. We all remember Auburn’s snub two years ago or maybe when Nebraska lost by a boatload in the Big 12 title game yet somehow still made the championship. Every year adds a new chapter to this legacy of BCS basura. Even if we did have the Michigan vs. Ohio State matchup that we ought to have, Florida would have a decent case. PLAYOFFS!! Implement them now! Give me the top six or eight teams, divvy up the bowl games, and make it work.

Florida has a good case to be in this game: 12-1, SEC champs, toughest schedule. Fine, I get it, but I believe Michigan is the better team. The real reason why we’re not seeing the Wolverines in the title game is because voters are biased against the rematch. “They’ve already had their shot. They didn’t even win their own conference.” So what? Whom do you think Ohio State would rather face: Michigan or Florida? Gators by a landslide. Why? Because the Buckeyes eeked out a 3 point win AT HOME over Michigan. A title game could prove to be a different venture.

Michigan’s the better team and didn’t deserve to get leaped twice by lesser teams while remaining idle. However, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Southern Cal for bowing out of the title race so politely. Man, I strongly dislike you Trojans; I’m so glad I can savor a title game without even the slightest chance that you’ll go home with the trophy.

If my Ohio State-loving relatives would like to weigh in on this issue, feel free. Of course, any comments are welcome as always.


  1. I’d have to agree with you in saying that Michigan’s the better team. I don’t really think that Florida will be as much of a challenge for Ohio State…but I don’t think you can really argue against Florida, either. Their loss was against a less potent team, but they did have tougher strength of schedule over the whole season. The Thompsons are probably pretty happy about playing Florida, I’d guess…the Buckeyes are going to kill them.

  2. You probably wonder why the Thompsons haven’t weighed in on this topic. I suppose the press in Ohio has saturated us with their opinions on this. Personally I find myself lacking objectivity — I think one game a year with Michigan is enough — national championship was determined in Columbus when they played in November. A rematch would be anticlimatic. Now Ohio State has to make my conclusion defensible by beating Florida. Of course no one asks my opinion very often on sports issues since I like sports but am not an officianado. Now one of the family Buckeye fans has stated it — if you want the complete thoughts on it — contact Tim. I also visited Justin’s sight today — you Eiler guys write good stuff!

  3. Nathan,

    Good stuff on myriad topics. I haven’t visited here often but I intend to more…just forgetfulness so don’t take too much offense.

    Speaking as a huge fan of tOSU, I would rather face Florida than Michigan. I think UM is a better team and would beat both Florida and USC on a neutral field. However, I am of the mindset that seeing a rematch would not be beneficial, except for those who love to argue. Ohio State won the first time and football championships–high school, college, and pro– are decided by one game playoffs. Until a better system is developed, nearly every week is a playoff in college football, and UM lost their playoff game. You get one shot and that is it. What if there was a rematch and UM won. Then who is number one?

    If I didn’t enjoy watching tOSU play so much I would suggest we just give them the National Championship and let everyone else battle for number two. Here is to hoping this year’s game is not a reverse of the 2002 championship where an underdog team with no chance took it to the heavily favored opponent.

    Go Bucks!!

    Have a Merry Christmas, Nathan. Tell Jen, Jean and I said hi.


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