Posted by: Nathan | December 18, 2006

“Ever-Ready?” Not quite…

More like “Never-Ready.” This is more of a public service announcement, I guess, but don’t buy Ever-Ready batteries if you can help it. They don’t work right out of the package. I know D&E had this problem in España, and I had it just today. J & I purchased said batteries a couple months ago on a mountain venture, but ended up not needing them. Today, I put them in my camera only to find that they didn’t work. Don’t buy ’em; you might as well throw $2.50 into the garbage.


  1. I’ve bought and used many Ever-Ready batteries and never had a problem. But you’ve got me second guessing them for mission critical tasks now. Thanks for the warning,

  2. I’m glad they worked for you at least. Maybe you’re the cure to this disease.

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