Posted by: Nathan | December 20, 2006

Holiday Coffee-Mate Part IV: Egg Nog

Well, we’ve finally arrived at the long-awaited end to the holiday Coffee-mate extravaganza. I finished off with what I thought would be my favorite: Egg Nog. I’m a huge nog fan around the holidays, and I remember liking it a great deal last year, so I was excited to get it home and in my

Alas, I was a little disappointed, especially at first. Like E, I struggled to find the correct balance between coffee and mate, and I frequently adjusted the proportions. I found that more is better, and that made it far more enjoyable to consume. Overall though, the Egg Nogg Mate has a slightly funny, spicy aftertaste that was its main downfall. Alone, it does indeed smell and taste of nog, but in the coffee, you need a lot of it to get that noggy flavor mingled with the coffee taste. A little more sweetness would’ve helped too. I liked it, but it wasn’t as good as I had hoped: B at 7.2/10.

So for those of you scoring at home (or even if you’re alone*), here are the final standings:

1. Peppermint Mocha 8.1/10

2. Egg Nog 7.2/10

3. Gingerbread 6.2/10

4. Pumpkin 4.7/10

Post facto, I think I’d give the Peppermint a better grade since it was easily the best, but I already turned my grades in to the superintendent. Anyway, fighting grade inflation is always good too. Hope you found these posts helpful for your Christmas coffee consuming needs. Happy sipping!

*This cheap, somewhat bawdy joke is Keith Olbermann’s. Classic.

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