Posted by: Nathan | December 21, 2006


Well, you needn’t worry about having a white Christmas if you’re in Colorado. Of course, we won’t be here on the actual holidays, but God’s putting on quite a display of wintery power today. J’s work was cancelled before she got there; as for me, I had to wait until the snow was piled high before I could leave work. Thankfully, I made it back, though I passed many cars stuck, abandoned, or freshly dented along the way. Here are some shots courtesy of my lovely wife.









And it’s still coming down. They say it should cease falling by tomorrow, but it will still be blowing around like nuts. Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated for our travel plans: we’re leaving for Iowa Friday night.

UPDATE: Thursday morning found a whole heck-of-a-lot more snow everywhere. Yes, it snowed through the night and is still snowing here in Colorado. J’s and my work were both cancelled today, not that it really matters anyway—we couldn’t get to work if we wanted to. The snow is supposed to taper off this afternoon, and let’s all hope it does so we can leave tomorrow night. Praise God we didn’t have travel plans today or yesterday, although those who did certainly have my sympathy. More pics:



Snow removal with a dozer.



Looking out our upstairs balcony window, costarring my left hand.



Looking out the front door. That big white blob is our car.


  1. I really wish/hope that we’d see some of that in East-Central Iowa by Saturday!

  2. Oh, and as always. thanks for the great pictures!

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