Posted by: Nathan | January 2, 2007

D’oh! (How My NFL Picks Turned Out)

To my credit, I did warn you I was no NFL expert when I made my picks for how the year went. Let’s see just how wrong I was.

NFC West

My Pick: Seattle Seahawks

Actual Result: Seattle Seahawks (so far, so good)

NFC South

My Pick: Carolina Panthers (guh!)

Actual Result: New Orleans Saints

NFC North

My Pick: Minnesota Vikings (WHAT?!)

Actual Result: Chicago Bears (I must’ve been nuts)

NFC East

My Pick: Philadelphia Eagles

Actual Result: Philadelphia Eagles (what’s up!)

NFC Wildcards

My Picks:Chicago Bears (I had ’em in there at least), New York Giants

Actual Results: Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants(barely!)
AFC West

My Pick:Denver Broncos (stupid 49ers!)

Actual Result: San Diego Chargers (easily)

AFC South

My Pick: Indianapolis Colts

Actual Result: Indianapolis Colts (not a tough pick)

AFC North

MP: Cincinnati Bengals

AR: Baltimore Ravens (vastly improved)

AFC East

MP: New England Patriots

AR: Man, I hate those guys

AFC Wildcards

MPs: Jacksonville Jaguars (almost…), Miami Dolphins (WHAT?!)

ARs: New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs (those punks)

Let’s break it down. NFC: 3/6, 50%. AFC: 2/6, 33.3333%. Overall: 5/12, 41.6666%.

So I guessed less than half right, which is pretty sad. I’d like to personally apologize for my Vikings and Dolphins picks. Ouch. Hopefully, I won’t lose my blogging license for such wretched content as that. The only pick for which I deserve DAP is the Eagles, who managed to pull it together, knock off the Cowboys in Dallas, and win the division without McNabb; nice work, gentlemen.

In the spirit of second chances and starting over (what with the new year and all), here are my

Bound-to-be-Wrong Playoff Predictions!

Wildcard Round: Dallas over Seattle, Philly beats the Giants, Indy gets run over by Kansas City (thereby continuing the traditional Indy playoff choke), New England’s better than the Jets.

Divisional Playoffs: Bears beat the Cowboys, Saints lose to Eagles, Chiefs are done in by the Ravens, Chargers outplay New England.

League Championships: Chargers beat Ravens, Bears defeat Eagles.

Super Bowl: Chargers 31, Bears 10.

Then again, Grossman is terrible, so who knows? Let me know who you got, and, Nate, correct me if I messed up the seeding somewhere in my predictions. Thanks!


  1. Don’t worry, my friend. I got only 1 in the NFC truly correct (3 of 6 teams who actually made it). In the AFC, I only got 2 truly correct (2 of 6). Guh! I’m still holding out hope that my Colts-Bears Super Bowl comes to fruition.

  2. I now see your percolating has a “Waiting for the World to Change” item. Does this mean you liked the new Mayer?

  3. I do like it, some songs more than others. You’ll have to wait to hear the rest of that post, though I played that song for J today, and she liked it.

  4. The NFL is so random!! Which is actually pretty cool…I should check/post on my picks, I don’t remember what they were exactly…I think I probably got about half of them right, we’ll see.

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