Posted by: Nathan | January 6, 2007

Adventures with Flat Blake*

Dear Blake,flatblake01.JPG

            Thanks for sending Flat Blake with us to Colorado so we could have some adventures together. The first thing we did after we left your house in Ankeny, IA was to travel back to Cedar Rapids for a few days. Then, Flat Blake joined Jen and me on our train ride home. We gave him his own seat at his insistence. We slept on the train that night, and Flat Blake kept everyone awake with his snoring.

            The next day, we arrived at Denver, CO where Jen and I live. It was a sunny day, so Flat Blake and I went for a walk to Mountain View Park, which is close to our townhouse. We took a picture of Flat Blake in front of the front range of the Rocky Mountains. The triangular mountain on Flat Blake’s left is Longs Peak, which is 14,259 feet high!


            The following morning, I had to go to the University of Denver to buy my books for the classes I’m taking this semester. Flat Blake enjoyed driving into downtown Denver and wandering around my campus while I bought my books. Flat Blake thought the campus at DU was very pretty.


            Of course, one of the first things Flat Blake noticed about Colorado was all the snow we have out here. There’s been a big snow storm every week for the past three weeks in a row. Flat Blake insisted on doing a snow angel in our backyard.


            Unfortunately, after we played in the snow, I had to read my homework. Flat Blake thought that was too dull, so he went downstairs to my living room and watched all of Seinfeld season 7. He laughed so hard that it was hard for me to concentrate sometimes, but he really enjoyed his chance to relax.


            We’re sending him back to you now, so I hope you will continue to have fun with him. We hope you enjoy our pictures and have a good year in school.



                                                                        Nathan and J

*This post is for my cousin Blake who sent Flat Blake (his paper alter ego) with me for a school project in order to take some cool pictures and have some adventures. For my aunt and uncle who hopefully aren’t worried about my completing this project for their son, I’m sending FB with the letter and pictures (which look a lot better developed than they do in this post) via priority mail tomorrow. Hope it arrives soon enough.


  1. Hahah! Very nice.

  2. Flat Blake had some wicked cool adventures. DAP to you and J for showing Flat Blake around.

  3. Good job fulfilling your tour guide responsibilities to your young cousin’s wistful friend. I emailed your Uncle Clark days ago letting him know about this blog entry posted for his son’s benefit. I even suggesting that he reply with a comment. But I haven’t heard anything from him on this important matter. I may have to follow up.

  4. OK, I have now heard by email your Uncle Clark’s thoughts on your FB post. He said “Nathans blog on FB was hilarious, where did he get a mind like that?”. This raises the classic issue of nature vs. nurture. Mom and I would like to go on record saying “you came like that”.

  5. Hey,
    Better late than never. Thanks so much for doing “Flat Blake”. He was thrilled with the results. It was just right for him, a bit eccentric which suits him to a tee. Hope you are both well and happy. What does DAP mean?
    Take care,
    Jane Eilers
    BTW-Liked the John Mayer post. I actually like him. He has a real knack for the blues.

  6. Well, I’m glad someone likes Mayer besides Kyle and me. I think Kyle’s a bigger fan though.

    “DAP,” from what I’ve seen on the tremendous sports program PTI means something along the lines of “props” or praise. It’s just another way to say, “way to go,” but it’s more fun.

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