Posted by: Nathan | January 10, 2007

Sheeping at Last

I didn’t need any further proof of J’s generosity and thoughtfulness, but it sure was sweet to come home from work last Friday and find that she had downloaded season one of one of my all time favorite cartoons, Sheep in the Big City. It is such an enjoyable show! I suppose not many of you have seen it, but one summer Justin and I watched it whenever we could. It’s hilarious!

sheep.JPGThe show is a lot like Rocky and Bullwinkle (which automatically speaks well for it) in both format and puns. Each episode contains three segments of the main plot as well as other elements, which are always great. And there are puns galore, which I do love.

The main plot of the show consists of the Secret Military Organization’s plan to make a sheep-powered ray gun, so General Specific and Private Public are always scheming with the Angry Scientist for ways to catch Sheep. Other characters inclue Lady Richington and her dog Swanky (Sheep’s love interest), little Lisa Rental, Farmer John, the narrator Ben, and an assortment of majors who work with General Specific (e.g. Major Appliance, Major Pain, Major Television Event, etc.). Non-main-plot characters include The Sombrero Brothers, that announcer guy who does all the fake commercials, and the Ranting Swede who ends every show with a rant (“Do you know what really gets my goat? PLAID!”).

If it sounds lame, it isn’t. If it sounds hilarious, it is! You should check this show out if you haven’t already, and iTunes has season one for $20 (13 episodes=~$1.53 per episode—a steal!). Here’s to hoping that Mo Willems puts out Sheep on DVD one day; until then, I’m loving having it on the pc. Thanks, J!


  1. Your glowing review is enough to garner interest. Great title.

  2. This show rocks!! I’m downloading it soon…the Ranting Swede alone is worth $1.53 an episode…”What’s so SUPER about super markets? I don’t see them flying around and saving people!”

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