Posted by: Nathan | January 13, 2007

Weekend NFL Playoff Picks

Last weekend saw an unprecedented, me-being-right streak. I finished the weekend at 75% right, the only game I missed was Indy over Kansas City. Let’s get right to it!

1. Indy at Baltimore: A great playoff game between two really good teams. Colts are better on offense, but the Ravens are the more complete team. Plus, I’m rooting for Manning and Co., so they have to lose. Ravens win this one.

2. Philly at New Orleans: A toss-up in a weekend of toss-ups. Both teams could win this game easily, or it could be close. I’ll take the Saints at home.

3. Seattle at Chicago: The Bears should win this one handily, and that makes me think they’ll manage to lose it. Chicago is the weakest #1 seed we’ve seen in a while at the QB position, but I’ll take Da Bears.

4. New England at San Diego: This one is the most intriguing for yours truly. If this were a regular season game, it’d be a no-brainer pick: Chargers for certain. But we’re in the magical land of playoff football, wherein Tom “Nathan Really Hates Me” Brady and Bill “Sweatshirt King” Belichick turn it on. San Diego ought to win this game, but they won’t. Patriots take it just to spite me.

So those are my official picks. Naturally, I’m hoping for a Colts v. Chargers AFC title game; the NFC is too boring to care too much about one way or the other.

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