Posted by: Nathan | January 16, 2007

Letter to the Snow Miser

Dear Mr. Miser,

It’s no secret that you’ve really let the Denver community have it this year. We’ve had two blizzards and two pretty heavy snowfalls in four consecutive weeks! I’ve already talked with Old Man Winter, and he says you’re to blame.snowmiser.jpg

I know you love to spread wintery, Christmasy weather; you’re “Mr. Ten-Below,” “Mr. Icicle” and all that. We do need the snowy moisture, it’s pretty, and who doesn’t like skiing? But seriously, can’t you send some snow elsewhere? I don’t think the East has gotten anything recently, and the Midwest has only seen a dusting. What’s up with that? Sure, we here in Denver believe in your snowy power, but your brother the Heat Miser is reigning everywhere else! That’s pathetic.

We don’t mind the occasional snowfall, but can we please at least break them up. Just give us two weeks in between. We need to plow and shovel ourselves out of this. I really do enjoy your dance moves, and your Christmas special is a favorite of ours. Here’s to a more enjoyable and less snowy winter in Denver. Your mercy would be appreciated.




  1. Mr. Miser seems to be taking your request to heart. The Northeast is getting pounded–though it seems to be more ice than snow.

  2. Snow this weekend out in Denver, and then next weekend when we’re skiing! Boo ya. “Remember, always look to the SKIS…err, I mean skies”

  3. Maybe the problem is that the Snow Miser is living in Colorado! You know, everything in his clutch turns to ice…if he’s hanging out in your state, it’s no wonder you’re getting all the snow. I’d get down to Santa’s Workshop in the Springs and see if he’s hiding out there.

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