Posted by: Nathan | January 16, 2007

NFL Championships

Well, another exciting weekend of NFL action, and once again, I went 3-1. That brings my playoff prediction total to 6-2! Not bad. Let’s move onto next weekend’s games, which will be overhyped and overanalzyed to death this week on ESPN.

NFC Championship: Saints @ Bears. We really couldn’t ask for a better NFC title game. I think these two teams are the best the junior circuit NFC has to offer, so I think a worthy representative will come out of it. As for my pick, I’ll take the Saints. When the game’s on the line, I’ll take Brees over Grossman.

AFC Championship: Patriots @ Colts. Whoof! I can’t imagine a more juicy AFC title game matchup than New England v. Indianapolis. The evil dynasty versus the underachievers. I’ve long been a Manning-backer and a Patriot-hater (just like I hate any dynasty), so there’s no question as to my allegiances in this contest. The Pats beat a Chargers team who was better than them but couldn’t seal the deal; Indy showed a lot (A LOT!) of moxie in holding the Ravens to 6 points on the road, and their D has really stepped up. Manning’s played pretty poorly; Brady hasn’t played that well either. I’m glad that the game is in Indy, as that will give the Colts an edge.

However, when it comes down to it, we know Brady and the Pats can and will win playoff games if you give them a chance. We know that the Colts can win and can blow games (cf. last year v. the Steelers: worst attempted tying field goal in the history of human existence). The Colts will win if it’s a blowout—i.e. the Colts need to score a lot to win. Pats will be victorious if it’s close b/c they’re so maddeningly good at pulling out the tight ones. I don’t think the Colts have enough, and I will remain a doubting Thomas: not until Peyton hoists the Lombardi Trophy will I think they have what it takes. I’m picking New England. Go Colts!


  1. The Pats win was ridonkulous! Friggin’ Marty Shoot-I-can’t-win-heimer. Anyhoo, impressive picking. You’re a brave man to pick the Saints, although that would be the feel-good story of the year. Go Colts!

  2. I really wanted Nate Kaeding to knock that kick through at the end, but San Diego had given NE too many breaks throughout the game to blame him for the loss…i’m with you, go Colts and Saints!

  3. Oops, that was me up there ^. We’ll be in touch about all the skiing, etc. See you soon

  4. Yeah, stupid Pats. A Chargers vs. Saints Super Bowl would have been sweet!

  5. I believe you had the same official picks (“I’ll take the Saints”,”I’m picking New England”) as your brother, and with the same results.

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