Posted by: Nathan | January 23, 2007

YEEEESSSSS!!! (Colts 38-Pats 34)

Whooo hooooooo!

Ding dong, the witch is dead

Which old witch?

The Patriots!

What a breathtaking game! I though the Colts were dead-in-the-water twenty different times it seemed like in yesterday’s instant-epic AFC Championship Game. Here are some of the times: Asante Samuel’s pick-six (21-3 Pats), settling for a field goal at the end of the first half (21-6 Pats), letting Brady get the easy TD after the long kickoff return (28-21 Pats), Colts going 3-and-out after tying the game (28-28), giving up the go-ahead field goal (31-28 Pats), giving up the go-ahead field goal AGAIN (34-31 Pats), punting to Brady and Belichick down by three with four minutes to go.

colts.JPGBut then, magic. Or more like determination and talent finally combining into a fiery resolve to beat the Hatriots. Manning drives down the field almost too easily (yes, the personal foul was ticky tack, but the refs had blown other calls in favor of New England), leading to a 3rd and 2 on the 4 yardline. Give them credit: the Colts had the guts to run it up the middle and Addai made it count. 38-34 Colts! “YES!” said I.

But I knew it wasn’t over. Brady, two timeouts, and a minute left down only 4 points? Recipe for yet another heart-crushing comeback victory. However, it was the Colts defense stepping up yet again and picking off the 3-time Super Bowl Champion QB to ice it. Game. Colts to the Super Bowl.

Manning and the Colts showed so much during this game, especially courage, drive, and mental toughness. Now they meet the Bears, who are as worthy of an opponent as the NFC can muster. I really didn’t think that Indy could win that game, but they proved me and every sportswriter (especially the Sports Guy) wrong.

¡Qué ganen los Colts!

Now to my picks. I was overjoyed to go 0-2 last week, bringing my playoff picks down to 6-4. I’ll pick the Super Bowl later.

More good Colts-related articles: Pasquarelli, Clayton.


  1. I thought it was over. A phrase was needed to replace “the wicked witch” in an excerpt from a song, and nothing was in sight. But then, magic (or more like determination and talent finally combining into a fiery resolve) swooped in and saved the day. “The Patriots” drove down the field (almost too easily…insert something here about “ticky tack”) and actually had the right number of syllables to replace “the wicked witch”. UNBELIEVABLE!

    ¿Dónde están mis pantalones!?

  2. Nathan, I couldn’t agree with you more! Props to them Colts! Unfortunately, I couldn’t watch the amazing game because stupid Sinclair and stupid Mediacom can’t agree on a price and now everyone in CR is without CBS (unless you have some bunny ears).

  3. OH MY GOSH! I completely forgot about you all not having CBS, which also happens to be airing the Super Bowl this year… In solution to this problem, all you Cedar Rapidians are invited to my house to watch the game. I have a couch, and we tried out the fireplace: works great!

    Jason, you are too much. 😉

  4. Though I do have CBS (and Sinclair/Mediacom should be considered los diablos, I shall see what I can do to be at your house, on your fireplace, admiring your couch. I mean…

    Jason, I had to explain to my co-workers why I L-edOL. 🙂

    I, I love my pantelones,
    They fit me oh so nice!
    They make me smile with delight.
    Do you love Five Iron Frenzy singing about the pants?
    It’s kind of silly–brings some romance.

  5. Dear Dan, please don’t forget that Cedar Rapidians lucky enough to be McLeod customers still get CBS in Cedar Rapids. Alas, McLeod is only available in certain parts of town.

  6. Also, dear Dan, please don’t forget that Cedar Rapidians unlucky enough to be Mediacom customers still get a *free* digital antenna (aka your “bunny ears”) just for the walking in and requesting. They don’t even want any ID or copy of a bill or anything, just show up at their local office on Council.

    I haven’t hooked mine up yet so I missed this great game. But I promise to give it a try and let you know how it goes before the Super Bowl. If it works OK I will echo Nathan’s invite to watch the game on our couch, albeit sans the fireplace.

  7. Thank you everyone for your concern for my tv watching ability! I plan on watching the big game with my dad. He happens to have a digital antennae with a high def tv, so the broadcast version of CBS looks way better than the cable version would have on my own tv.

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