Posted by: Nathan | February 2, 2007

Three Random Mini Posts

Thanks for the Free Ride, RTD

We at AQ would like to extend a special thanks to Denver RTD Light Rail for not checking for our ticket on Wednesday. We most definitely forgot our wallet with our student ID in it at home, so we would most assuredly have received a citation for not having a pass on the light rail; however, no one checked us! Why Denver didn’t set up their rail system more like the Metro in D.C. whereat one must purchase/have a ticket before one can even board the train is beyond me, but I’m thankful. We promise to have our wallet tomorrow. It was nice to get a little grace though; thanks, God.

No More Snow!!

Seriously, you guys, this is too much. Denver has received significant snowfall (ranging from 4″-26″) every week for the past SEVEN WEEKS!! STOP IT!! We can’t take it anymore! My usual half hour commute from DU to home took an hour and forty minutes today (snowed 2″-4″ during rush hour); J was in the car for over two hours. This is ridonkulous.

We Have a Crawl Space!?

One of the very few things J and I disliked about our place was the lack of storage. However, today a couple handymen (they were both guys, so I’m not being sexist) came to fix our leaky tub faucet (constant hot water trickle). Naturally, they had to locate the water shut-off switch; I didn’t know where it was. After a search of my closets upstairs, I found one of the gents clearing out my coat closet and pulling up the floor board there. Four ladder rungs and five feet later, I was below my main floor! The furnace is there, the shut-off switch, a LOT of dust, some wrapping paper, and (excitingly) ten or so of those fire logs that burn for hours! The crawl space runs under our entire main floor. No more storage issues for us. W00t!


  1. I love crawlspaces. It sounds like yours is especially cool. Congrats!

  2. Random, indeed. But most welcome! I share your puzzlement at RTD’s “honor system” of legitimate riding, but such is life, it seems.

    Thinking about Denver’s snowfall totals, it makes it seem silly that DC shuts down at the mere thought of “icy conditions” or snow. But that seems silly even when Denver isn’t getting pummeled.

    DAP to the handymen for finding this extra storage space. Man, do you guys have a great place!

  3. While you’re thanking people (and things), let’s hear it for your leaky tub faucet. Without it you apparently would never have found your secret hiding place. Isn’t it silly that the landlords didn’t clue you in on this little secret? How about a picture for posterity? I’m having trouble visualizing a furnace stack that can fit in a crawl space.

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