Posted by: Nathan | February 5, 2007

They Earned It

In sports, there is no such thing as just deserts. All this week people told me that they thought Peyton Manning deserved a Super Bowl title, and I wanted him to get one too; however, there’s only one way to get a championship, and that is to earn it.

manningsb.JPGEveryone, including myself, did not believe that the Colts had enough to win it all this year. They had an infamously terrible defense, an offense with a spotty running game, and a QB who had never stepped it up enough to win. But the defense in the postseason was superb; Addai and Rhodes were excellent in the running game (not to mention the blocking they received); and Manning came through when it mattered.

Super Bowl XLI wasn’t the most exciting game ever, though it was easily better than last year’s yawnfest between Pittsburgh and Seattle. The Colts were never able to get the offensive touchdown that would break the Bears, and the Bears’ D played “bend don’t break” pretty well against the vaunted Colts’ offense. But it was on the other side of the ball, when the Bears were on offense, that the game was won and lost. Indy’s defense stopped everything on the ground (except that 52-yarder early), and picked off anything the Grossman lobbed up (Michael Smith voted Grossman the game’s MVP). Chicago’s offense was pathetic. Really, it’s hard to remember the Bears being on offense much; I think the Colts had the ball for 2/3 of the game.

In any case, I’m delighted for Manning, Dungy, and the rest of the Colts. Until this season, they hadn’t deserved a title (as much as I wanted one for them); now they earned one, 29-17.

(Photo by Amy Sancetta, AP)


  1. Really informative. Thanks. I should have talked to you before last night; I was rooting for the Bears just to be against Nate. Now I owe him lunch.

  2. I watched the whole game and would have been OK with either of the two Midwest teams winning. I did want to see Manning put it all together and was glad that he did.

    But I thought the classiest moments during the telecast were after the game, when Dungy was interviewed. At different times he was quoted as saying “I’m proud to represent the African-American coaches”, and he made the insightful comment that “it means an awful lot to this country”.

    But he also said that he and Lovie wanted to represent “Christian coaches” and said “we’re more proud of that”.

    Now how classy is that attitude?

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