Posted by: Nathan | February 22, 2007

Lost Thoughts

Maybe I’ll comment on Lost from time to time with regularity and maybe not.

Here are my thoughts and concerns for the best show on TV at this point in the season. If, like Jason, you’re waiting to watch the entire show until it comes out on DVD or you haven’t seen the 2/21 episode yet, Read No Further!

*****Spoiler Alert!*****Spoiler Alert!***** Spoiler Alert!*****

1. I’m pleased that Sawyer and Kate have finally abandoned the other island and hopefully will soon reunite with the rest of the Losties. I’m getting really tired of not hearing about Sayid, Locke, Charlie, Claire and the rest of the gang. Enough Kate, Jack and Sawyer; let’s get back to that blissful egalitarianism that dominated the show until this year!

2. Karen was right: looks like Juliet and Jack are moving towards each other romantically. Stay away from her, Jack! Kate’s the one for you! Hopefully, Jack’s using Juliet to get leverage with the Others. We’ll see.

3. That said, the Juliet character is a tremendous addition to that cast. She and Ben are easily the most interesting Others.

4. I think the writers have a few too many plates spinning simultaneously right now. I’d like to see some minor plots tied up soon; too many plotlines can spoil a show, and Lost has about 50,000 going right now…

5. I don’t care for the two young lovebirds, Ben’s daughter and brain-washed dude. Unnecessary characters. Get ’em outta here.

6. Kate’s an idiot for sleeping with Sawyer. And you know that cage had to be smelly.


  1. Phew! Thanks for the spoiler alert. I closed my eyes and threw my scroll bar all the way to the bottom to make this comment, but I still saw something about people getting busy in a smelly cage. I doubt that’ll hurt anything for my future watchings.


    1. I totally agree. And none of this Desmond-centric episode stuff. Although that was an interesting episode, we’ve been away from the original Losties for far too long.

    2. I just hope the writers don’t move toward more romance just because some fans want it. I don’t know that all the skin last night and in recent episodes (which has been dang annoying) is necessarily serving the story.

    3. Agreed. It was crazy to see Ben treated like a king (with an umbrella man and everything) as they moved from research station to suburbia.

    4. Also agreed. Let’s focus on the stuff that’s already out there, rather than introducing new dominatrix characters and stories about Thailand (which wasn’t really an answer). Also, I wasn’t burning to know what Jack’s tattoo says; I don’t think that was a big shocker/reveal.

    5. I think they have potential. There’s the connection between Alex, Rousseau, and Ben that still needs to be fleshed out (Why does she call Ben dad? Is there another Alex of which Rousseau speaks?) I kind of like Carl.

    6. Yep. Though I fear it’ll be a will they/won’t they situation for some time. And not only was the cage smelly, but they’ve been on that island for >45 days. THEY’RE probably smelly, too.

    My own thoughts…
    7. For the life of me I’m trying to like this season, but it has yet to really grab my attention. I’m watching because I enjoy the show and enjoy the characters (to a point), but it’s not nearly as compelling as it has been.

    8. The whole “Desmond seeing the future in flashbacks” thing was odd.

    1. Ten bucks says that somebody (but probably not Charlie) dies within 2 episodes.

    2. Juliet will smash Jack’s feelings/heart/hope for a relationship into bits. The whole “lonely” thing makes me think the writers won’t allow an actual relationship to form.

    Supposedly a “game changer” is coming soon. I hope it’s a good one, and that it compels me to watch the show week after week. At this point, it’s more of a habit…

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