Posted by: Nathan | February 26, 2007

We Got Netflix

After months of consideration, J and I finally decided to get Netflix today. Sure, we looked at Blockbuster Online, but we chose Netflix for two reasons: 1. To stick it to Blockbuster; 2. Netflix has more selection. One of my objections to getting an online movie delivery hookup was that I couldn’t think of very many movies I wanted to see; well, as it turned out, I found lots. It’s hard to remember movies you want to see, but it’s easy when you browse around and pick them out.

I’m pretty excited to start receiving movies in the mail and not having to drop $4.50 every time I want to watch a rental. I don’t much care that I have to wait a bit to see movies (two business days? OH NO!), and I’m pumped to see movies that the local Blockbuster no longer carries. Also, one of Netflix’s best features is the recommendation function: J and I rate movies that we’ve seen previously, and Netflix suggests others based on our previous ratings. Sweet, eh? It works fairly well.

If you’ve got any good movie recommendations that J and I need to see, feel free to give ’em to me. Maybe I’ll have seen a given film, but what’s the harm in a suggestion?


  1. Congrats! JL and I used to do Netflix, and then tried Blockbuster Online too. Smart moving going with Netflix (not just for selection, but better customer service and reliability too).

    Renting online is SO GREAT. No more getting mad that you drove across town to find that the movie you wanted is gone or not even carried. And it’s especially good for watching TV shows on DVD.


  2. I echo Jason’s sentiments–Netflix is just better all around (B-buster has MUCH slower delivery and their “exchange-at-the-store” deal has limits).

    Also, I agree that the recommendation function is great–rate as many movies (and TV shows) as you can. I’d also recommend rating movies that you know you won’t have an interest in (eg. Big Momma’s House, Norbit); it’ll help refine your recommendations even further.

  3. […] Watched” feature Posted by Nathan under The Big Mitt , Music, Movies and TV  As I’ve mentioned, J and I now have Netflix, which means we watch a decent amount of films (about one a week). I […]

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