Posted by: Nathan | March 8, 2007

Colin Cowherd Rant Videos

Continuing my sudden burst of short, random posts, I now present you, dear reader, the links to a couple of YouTube videos of Colin Cowherd rants heard on ESPN radio. These are great! The Pete Purdue rant is the best; the audio is hilarious enough on its own, but the video makes it even better. The Mets/Yankees diatribe isn’t as good, but does feature Mr. Shucks from our very own Cedar Rapids Colonels and random pictures of the Iowa State Fair.

If you are able to listen to The Herd on ESPN radio and you’re not, I recommend it. I frequently agree with what Colin’s comments, but that’s not the point: he’s an engrossing radio host, and it’s good listening. I may even put his show before my boy Dan Patrick’s, only because Patrick has a need for guests and a penchant to repeat himself for hours. The Big Show hour with Olbermann, however, is always worth a listen.

Maybe I’ll do something productive now…


  1. You boys and your Colin Cowherd. I will admit that I’ve listened to very little of Cowherd, but what I have heard is pretty good.

    That said, and I think you can see where I’m going with this, Tony Kornheiser is the best. Full stop. And now that he’s on Washington Post radio, the podcast of his show is available on iTunes.

    The new incarnation of the show is a bit different (less sports, more American Idol), but it’s still great. He has Wilbon, Bob Ryan, Sam Smith, Dan LeBatard, and others as guests frequently. He’s not always right, but he’s darn funny 🙂

    I urge you to give it a few listens to see if it’s your cup of tea Izze.

  2. yeah, so I was trying to be clever and strikethrough tea. D’oh!

  3. Far be it from me to disparage Tony-listening. Put Mr. Tony on ESPN Radio in Denver, and you know I’ll listen. The problem is, J usually gets the iPod due to her tedious job, so podcasts don’t help me out too much. When I’m in the car, it’s usually either live radio or CDs.

    I’d love to see the return of Kornheiser to ESPN Radio, but until then I’ve got to make the best of what’s around.

  4. I dunno about Kornheiser either, but Cowherd’s the best on ESPN Radio right now, hands down!

    IDK if you guys have noticed, but there’s some serious tension between LeBatard and Kornheiser whenever they’re on PTI…it’s weird. Tony gets so annoyed by him

  5. Rest assured that Kornheiser and LeBatard are boys; they had dinner together the other night (according to the radio show). TK just does it for show.

  6. Good to know, Kyle. Nathan, did you watch the UVA rant that was on Youtube? He loves attacking that school, it’s hilarious…another one of my favorite rants was about what men should and shouldn’t be. “‘A new study shows that being metrosexual is not attractive to women.’ I could’ve told you that 5 years ago!! Wat woman would want a high maintenance man?? No one!” Too bad it isn’t on youtube anywhere…

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