Posted by: Nathan | March 8, 2007

Nathan the M&M

I know you’ve all been wondering what I’d look like if I were suddenly transformed into an M&M like Gregor in Kafka’s Metamorphosis (except he turned into a beetle), so here is your question answered:



You can see all my nifty travel gear from my world travels. I admit the hair is a bit wrong, but they didn’t have my style, so what can you do?

Want to try it for yourself?


  1. That was a lot more fun than I expected it to be! Thanks for the link.

    I did two pictures. A weekday version, and a weekend version.

    Here’s me at work, getting attacked by a mini-ninja. Yes, I do have robotic arms.

    Here’s me (someday) enjoying the weekend.

  2. My comment is awaiting your “moderation” Nathan, just like my latest Netflix post. Who knew I appeared so spammy? I guess I need to stop including links to things.

  3. These are brilliant! Sorry about the moderation thing; I thought that I had turned off comment moderation. My apologies to you, sir, whose links have never let me down.

  4. Man, all those look great! but Nathan, where are the dimples?!

  5. No worries about the moderation. I looked at my settings, and I discovered I’m set up to require moderation for any post with 2 links or more in it. I’m thinking of getting rid of that, and just setting it to require moderation for anybody who’s never had an approved comment before. I dunno.

  6. Cool beans. They even got the chin beard. A fine (and, I can imagine, quite yummy) representation of you.

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