Posted by: Nathan | March 13, 2007

My NCAA Picks

‘Tis the season for March Madness, and every year I fill out a bracket (just one) only to see it crumble like a bitten muffin. That won’t stop me from delivering my official, terrible, highly unlikely:


I’ll start with the Great 8 because I’m lazy.

St. Louis (Midwest): Florida v. Wisconsin

San Jose (West): Kansas v. Pittsburgh

East Rutherford (East): Texas v. Georgetown

San Antonio (South): Ohio State v. Louisville

Final Four

Wisconsin, Kansas, Texas, and Ohio State.

The Final

Wisconsin over Texas, let’s say 72-69.

All right, so I’ll be wrong, but on the off-chance that I’m right, I now have proof. Haven’t filled out your bracket yet? Go for it!

I wonder how many more times per day the human race uses the word “bracket” during this month as compared to every other month. It’s got to be 110 times higher.


  1. Those look like some pretty solid picks, though I’m going with Florida out of the Midwest (which is pretty tough geographically).

  2. I can’t justify Wisconsin over Florida either…I just don’t have faith in Wisconsin…I could be wrong obviously, but we’ll see. Ohio State has a better shot making it to the final 4.

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