Posted by: Nathan | March 20, 2007

We went skiing!

Ever since snow fell here (that was October, I think), I’ve wanted to go skiing. I’d never tried it before, which is completely incomprehensible to every Colorado native and my uncle Scott. We were going to go in January when Justin visited, but the timing didn’t work out. Then, we were going to go in February, but bad weather delayed us until last Sunday.

skiing01.JPGSo, R&A (more on them later) picked us up early Sunday morning and drove us up the always gorgeous highway to Winter Park Resort. We made it there by 9:00 hoping to make the 9:30 easy start lesson (which is a sweet deal: lesson, all-day lift ticket, and rental for $50! unheard of around here), but a long line at the rental counter delayed us. We took the 12:30 lesson instead.

I definitely recommend a lesson from a professional for first-time skiers. J and I messed around on our skis a bit, but we couldn’t figure out how to stop, which is always useful for not dying. So we waited until the lesson started.

We began by learning how to use our edges (ski term) and make a wedge to stop on a tiny hill. Then we boarded a lift and went to the beginner area up top. Oh man, it was absolutely beautiful up there! There are larger hills (both longer and steeper) in the practice area, so we made some runs with the instructor giving us tips, correcting us, and picking us up when we fell. It was incredibly fun!

I loved the entire experience: the snow, the speed, the scenery, the rush. J liked it, but not as much as I did because her boots did not fit her properly. She lost all feeling to her feet within five minutes of putting them on; this is not useful when you’re skiing because your feet are your steering wheel and your brakes. She was a real trooper though, and despite the pain in her legs, she said she enjoyed the experience and wants to try snowboarding next time.

Things I learned about skiing:

1. Speed is your friend. You want your skis to obey you? Go faster.

2. Stopping is a very imprecise exercise, so starting slowing down early.

3. Skiing is immensely tiring and a great workout. J & I are still sore.

4. If you’re about to plummet over a ledge, apply the butt brakes. Fortunately, I didn’t run into this problem, but I bet I will.

5. Ski lifts are very hard to get on and off. I fell twice using the ski lifts. Laugh if you will, but when you try to get off a lift on skis, you’ll see.

6. Falling is inevitable, so get used to it.

7. There is no better way to experience the Rockies in winter than skiing.

8. You need a lot of sunscreen on the mountain. I’m looking like Rudolph these days.

9. Skiing is an entire subculture to itself. Ski resorts are like private villages for college kids and rich folks. We shelled out $3.25 for a bottle of water. Bring your own lunch.

So we’re definitely going to try again, though maybe not till next year. Skiing, exhilarating as it is, is mighty expensive. We’re also going to rent boots in Denver next time so J can get a proper fitting boot, which will help her greatly.

What a great time! Hope y’all come and visit us in the winter, and we’ll show you a good time on the slopes.


  1. Glad to see that your first skiing experience went well. Your observations are great (and practical!). I’ve known that sore post-skiing feeling all too well on too many occasions. Oi!

  2. I forgot to give you DAP for skipping a day of the NCAAs. You didn’t miss much. Stupid Wisconsin!!!!!

  3. We are proud of you for going! We wish we were there with you.

    Tell Jen regarding her bedskirt: I am still looking for better fabric to make it with, because the correct color is in a very thin fabric. If she sees a bedskirt that would work for her out there, my feelings will not be hurt. Or she could shop for khaki pants fabric in your outlet stores there.

    Much love,


    P.S. I am looking forward to receiving a hand-painted something soon. But no pressure. 😉

  4. Way to get out there, guys. I really want to go again…

  5. Glad to see you had a great time. hope ou get a chance to come back next year

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