Posted by: Nathan | March 22, 2007

Lost Thoughts

We’ve had a run of really good episodes of Lost lately. DAP to the writers for going back to the Losties on the beach; the ensemble has always been one of the strengths of the show. Without getting too crazy, as many Lost watchers are, here are my speculations and opinions. Again, if you’re Jason or someone who isn’t currently keeping up with the show, read at your own peril.


1. It’s fun that Claire and Jack have the same papa, but a minor development. It makes one wonder how many other folks are related on the island.

2. Sayid is the man. His little comment to Alex last night about how she looks like her mom was genius.

3. It was nice to see Kate and Jack heat it back up a bit, as that for me is the only worthwhile romantic relationship on the show. His “I’ll come back for you” was sweet. That said, if you’re Jack, you know the following about Kate: she’s a criminal, she slept with Sawyer, and she’s very untrustworthy. Sounds like the foundation for an excellent long-term relationship. Maybe Jack should pursue Juliet, whose name is far cooler anyhow.

4. Locke’s dad showing up at the end of last night’s episode was both predictable and not-too-exciting. J predicted it about 20 minutes into the show. Way to go, girl!

5. I however predicted Jack’s inability to escape. Said I, “There is no way Jack’s getting off the island,” and I was right.

6. The more I watch old episodes and new ones, the less I like Sawyer.

7. Locke’s on a rampage, as was noted in last week’s podcast. Things he’s blown up recently: the hatch, the communications station (The Flame–ironic, no?), and now the sub. Plus, he killed Mikhail. Slow it down, Johnny; there’s a lot of season left for your violent outbursts.

8. It will be interesting to see how Juliet, Jack, Kate, Sayid, and Locke are treated by the Others/Hostiles after the sub blow-up. Are they prisoners again? Jack and Jewels were free before. Can’t let ’em go either.

9. Alex sure knows her dad. People are always doing things Ben wants and thinking it’s its their own idea. Locke really needs to listen better to the warnings he receives.

10. Also from the podcast, next week’s episode will be a Paulo and Nicki episode. The producers promise it will be good, but I’m skeptical; I don’t like those two because they seem unnecessary. More plotlines for Jin, Charlie, Claire, Sun, Hurley et al. before we add more characters.


  1. Thanks again for the spoiler alert. I’m squinting as I type this out of the corner of my eye.

  2. Lost has, indeed, been good lately. I whole-heartedly agree that re-focusing on the original cast is a good idea.

    **Spoiler Alert**

    – Jack/Claire relation and Jack’s tattoo were really, really minor. I was especially ambbivalent toward/dissapointed with Jack’s Thailand excursion–it didn’t have any relevence to the show’s grand plot. Fooey!

    – I had forgotten how much I like Sayyid–he’s now the person whom I would vote “Person you least want to upset and subsequently meet in a dark alley.”

    – Michael Emerson is SUPERB. Emmy, Emmy, Emmy, Emmy, Emmy! If he gets snubbed it is a traveshamockery, and the people who hand out Emmy nominations should be stripped of their privileges.

    – I’m getting kind of tired of Locke. As you rightly pointed out, he blows everything up. That said, I can’t imagine the Others don’t have another form of transportation off of the island or communication with the outside world.

    – Kate seemed uncomfortably out of place in Jack’s house. There was such a stark contrast between her grubbiness and the domestic house.

    – Why do you dislike Sawyer? I think he’s great, though a little bit gruff and unwilling to change. AAAaaaand now I’m done talking about Sawyer as if I were a girl.

    – Nikki and Paulo are in a gots-ta-go situation.

  3. My HTML skills are not terribly refined. It’s not all supposed to be in italics. šŸ™‚

  4. Yeah, I agree that Locke seems to be edgy this season – has been ever since he lost his purpose for living – pushing the button. He needs to start thinking about what he’s doing. Maybe there was something to be gained from the submarine!! Like, a way home!

    I’m not sure what to think about the Jack/Kate/Sawyer triangle right now..interesting that he is not along on this trip to free Jack. Gives Jack and Kate another chance I guess. From a female point of view, I think she wants to be with Jack but knows that she fits with Sawyer. My prediction is a full blown square with the addition of Juliet before the season is out. I’ve decided that Kate is my favorite character. She’s so layered! Love it!

    I have no idea how J predicted that Locke’s dad would be in that room! That is amazing. Will be v. interested to see what in the world he’s doing there.

    So glad Lost is back on. I missed it.

  5. […] I recant of my anti-Sawyer opinions espoused last time. Lost wouldn’t be nearly as good without him. Yeah, I love to hate […]

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