Posted by: Nathan | March 22, 2007

Our small group

Every now and again God puts people into one’s life that make an immediate and profound difference. A lot of the readers of this blog have been and are such people in J’s and my life, but when we came to Colorado last August, all of you were at least a day’s drive away. From the day we moved in until the turn of ’07, it was pretty much just J and me out here together alone. We are super grateful for all the love and prayer we’ve received from states away, but we needed friends here.

To find friends, we first had to find a church. After we started attending Flatirons, we searched the church website every so often to see if there was a small group that met near us. In January, one appeared. After exchanging emails, we finally met up with R&A.*

Our small group is for young couples, though thus far it’s only been the four of us. R&A are amazing people of God. They are super fun, eager to try stuff with us, and extremely generous. I can’t really put into words how much they have impacted J’s and my life out here. It means everything to see them on Tuesdays for small group and on Saturdays for church. We have people who attend our church that know our names!

They have been an amazing blessing from the Lord to J and me. Thanks, guys!

*It is the general policy at AQ to withhold the names of people we know for privacy’s sake unless: 1. Said person has a blog and therefore has already entered the public realm; 2. Said person has commented using squi’s name. Just so you know.


  1. God is good! If R&A have the N&J seal of approval, they’ve got to be good people.

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