Posted by: Nathan | March 26, 2007

We get results (along w/ Kyle)

As avid readers of this blog remember, last November we waxed imaginative about our dream team for the Monday Night Football booth. I wished for a Buck/Kornheiser/Wilbon trio, but it was the prescient Kyle who asked for Buck/Kornheiser/Jaworski. Well, two out of three is not bad.

ESPN announced today that Jaworski is replacing Theismann in the MNF booth. W00t! Get Theismann outta there. He’s just a loud-mouth anyway. Jaworski, on the other hand is extremely knowledgeable.

So, Mr. Jaws, what are you bringing to the table? “I’m an ‘Xs-and-Os’ guy. I love breaking down the game. I love the strategy of the game. That’s the beauty of what I will bring to the table is that insight of ‘Xs and Os.'”

Indeed. Digital Audio Players to PK for tapping Jaworski, and maybe I’ll give myself one for seeing how right he was. Now if only ESPN could lure Buck away from Fox…

Wow! I didn’t realize how influential this blog is. Maybe I’ll have to write on more important topics now…nah.


  1. Thanks for the DAP. This looks like a dynamite announcing trio now. Tirico is nothing if not professional, and Kornheiser continues to amaze me with his quick wit on the radio show. Throw in Jaws, who knows a heckuva lot ((c) John Madden), and MNF is bound to break their cable audience ratings. I just hope it means that Kornheiser will do as well at MNF as he does everywhere else.

  2. Never before has DAP (not even given to me) made me feel so special and so guilty.

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