Posted by: Nathan | March 29, 2007

Lost Thoughts

I wasn’t planning on writing this week’s episode because people who don’t watch Lost shouldn’t be constantly bored with this blog, but I couldn’t resist after last night’s episode. HOLY CATS!!

I will give this thought for all to read—don’t worry, this won’t spoil anything. The beginning of last night’s episode featured a scene in a strip club, with Nikki pole dancing. I was absolutely appalled that this could be shown on national TV in prime time. Other shows have been going down this path too: CSI, Las Vegas, Desperate Housewives, etc. It’s unbelievable that what goes on in a strip club behind closed doors and walled-off windows is paraded around on network television.

Let’s play over/under: 5 years before frontal nudity can be seen on network TV in the U.S. I’m going under, and that’s unbelievable and revolting to me. This sort of sexual content should absolutely NOT be on during prime time, or at all for that matter. Pay-per-view, video stores, HBO if you want to watch this smut; otherwise excellent shows should not stoop to this very low level.

As usual, if you’re not watching Lost, don’t read ahead; rather, buy seasons 1 & 2 and catch yourself up with one of the best (if not the best) show on TV.


1. WHOAH! This was a great episode, maybe one of the best ever, and that’s saying a lot considering how little I expected from it knowing it was to be a Nikki and Paulo episode. I thought it was great that they died right off the bat (don’t like ’em much), but to be buried alive is a far worse fate than even they deserve. Will a future episode begin with a hand bursting from the earth, or are they gone? Either way, I’m down.

2. Juliet is obviously not to be trusted after the revelations of last night. They played Jack like a mandolin! How Ben is so good at being devious is truly astounding. Still, one has to question the signs Juliet made earlier this season when Jack was imprisoned that discussed the Others not liking Ben–were they real, or a lie? Probably the latter.

3. It was a lot of fun seeing Shannon and Boone again. Sure, Shannon was a ditz, but she was an interesting character at least. Boone was cool too. I’m still in the middle of season one, so I haven’t seen how Boone dies yet, nor have I seen the arrival of Ethan. Lots to look forward (or backward) to!

4. So Charlie and Sawyer kidnapped Sun. Did we already know this? I think we did, but I can’t remember. Either way, Sun’s slapping Sawyer was sweet.

5. I recant of my anti-Sawyer opinions espoused last time. Lost wouldn’t be nearly as good without him. Yeah, I love to hate him.

6. The Medusa spider is an interesting development. I doubt we’ve seen the last of them.

7. I enjoyed watching this episode online. If you have high-speed, this is almost a better way to go about it. I only had to put up with 3 commercials. Also, ABC has improved their video player, so for the first time the entire episode was smooth and very sharp. Nice work, ABC!


  1. A good episode, to be sure, though I don’t know about best (I still think the pilot is the best).

    First, I whole-heartedly agree with you that the strip club scene was unnecessary crapahoola. I’ll take the over, as I think frontal nudity is a threshold that I don’t know if networks are willing to cross (yet). If/when it does happen, I will never darken the proverbial door of that network again (if there are good shows that don’t feature gratuitous sexuality, I’ll get ’em on DVD). I say 10 years.


    1. Woah is right. Paulo and Nikki were insignificant characters that, had fans not made such a big stink, would have never gotten their own episode and demise. I did think their end was a bit morbid though. Being buried alive is a tough way to go.

    2. I’m sick and tired of killing off the add-on characters. Though I love them all dearly, one of the bigguns (Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Sayyid, Sun, Jin, Charlie, Claire, Locke, Hurley) needs to bite it before the season’s end. I’m beginning to feel like the writers are scared to kill one of the bigguns off, at which point the storytelling (which is superb) starts to suffer.

    3. Have I mentioned that Michael Emerson deserves an Emmy?

    4. You will love the remainder of Season one. And yes, we did previously know about Charlie kidnapping Sun. I think it was in season 2, though I could be wrong.

    5. I found it interesting (yet slightly unbelievable) that Nikki/Paulo found all the cool places/things before everyone else.

  2. Don’t forget The King Of Queens and Doug Heffernan’s little poll-dancing scene. Man, Kevin James has the moves!

  3. Hooray for the new picture and quote! 🙂

  4. Oh yeah, nice quote. Gotta love MJS.

  5. Cannot believe that you think this episode was good. This was the worst episode of Lost ever! It could have been completely thrown away and we would never have missed it. No way. Spiders and being buried alive in the same epidsode? Who let the stranger into the writing room?

  6. I don’t know, sis. Sure, I admit that I overreacted; it was an average episode in retrospect. However, we did learn things about Juliet and Ben that advanced the main plot a bit. Plus, it was cool to kill off Nikki and Paulo.

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