Posted by: Nathan | April 4, 2007

Food Network Folk

I admit it: the lady of the house usually has control over the remote ’round here (not during NFL season), so I watch a lot of Food Network. Originally, I was opposed; who wants to watch people make delicious food that you can’t eat? However, I came around. The food made on Food Network frequently finds its way to my table (thanks to J), so watching cooks making food isn’t so bad. Additionally, I find myself enjoying a few FN personalities. Combine those two factors with the absolute wasteland that is cable, and I’m a loyal FN watcher. Here are my favs:

1. Nigella Lawson. Whoah. I don’t need to worry about offending J on this one–Nigella’s easy on the eyes, and she’s a Brit, which is a hard combination to pull off (with apologies to British women). All that aside, she describes food better than anyone else on FN, and she makes delicious food without worrying about how unhealthy it is. Sure, calorie-watching is important, but treating yourself occasionally is a good thing too. Her little asides are also hilarious.

2. Alton Brown. At first I didn’t like him, but I watched his mini-series in which he crossed the US on his motorcycle eating only home-cooked food, and that was great. Eventually, I began to enjoy his knowledge-filled, quirky show Good Eats, the deadpan theme song of which is quite funny. His chicken pot pie is really good.

3. Michael Chiarello. Michael and I have different definitions of “easy entertaining,” but he makes some good food.

4. Emeril Lagasse. He’s a little annoying, and I don’t watch him much. His food is always good, and I’ve grown accustomed to his eccentricities. And, as I’ve already said, his Essence is good stuff.

5. Rachael Ray. She’s energetic as all-get-out, and that can be bothersome. With RR, it depends on the show; $40 a Day I can deal with, Tasty Travels is interesting or boring depending on where she is, and 30 Minute Meals, while useful, is the worst.

Everybody else I either am ambivalent about or don’t care for. Giada De Laurentis’ mouth makes a perfect rectangle whenever she smiles, which is odd; this sentence really doesn’t fit in with the rest of this post, but it needed to be said.


  1. I googled Giada De Laurentis, and she does have an unusual smile. And while I’ve never watched that Alton Brown show more than 2 or 3 times a year, I always enjoy it a lot.

  2. Where’s the Bobby Flay? He’s kind of a one-note “make it spicy on the grill” kind of guy, but the stuff he makes looks delicious (and he’s not a total drone personality).

    Alton Brown is my favorite. He’s incredibly witty, and his ability to MC the Iron Chef (which I’d argue is the best show on the Fetwork) constantly amazes me.

    That said, I’ve never seen a Nigella show. Is she new?

  3. Nah, she’s been around. She’s only on Sunday mornings for whatever reason.

    I’ve never been a big Iron Chef guy, though it’s fine. Alton Brown’s commentating is the best part of the show, incredible food aside.

    Bobby Flay isn’t my cup of tea. Throwdown always makes me feel bad for whomever he’s challenging, especially if he wins.

  4. oh, anonymous was me.

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