Posted by: Nathan | April 5, 2007

Lost Thoughts 4/5/07

All right, all right, I’m sorry. I really do feel bad about those who want to read this blog and don’t want to watch Lost every week. That said, I can’t help myself! This show keeps getting better and better! So, blah blah…don’t read ahead…blah blah blah…spoilers, etc.


1. Having Kate and Juliet handcuffed together was BRILLIANT! Of all the interesting duos to handcuff together, these two were the best choice. And finally, Kate knows that Jack knows about the little rendevous in the cage with Sawyer.* Plus, I was hoping for a Kate backstory; my sister’s right: Kate’s the best female character, with Juliet not far behind.

2. Great line: “Welcome to the wonderful world of not knowing what the hell is going on.”–Kate

3. The subplot with Sawyer playing nice was quite funny. One can really see the real leaders emerging: Jack, Kate, Sayid, and now Sawyer.

4. Why-oh-why did the Others/Hostiles take Locke and not Juliet?!

5. For you other Lost fans out there, how did the sudden evacuation of the Others strike you: cop-out or great move? I think both. As I wrote last week, something had to happen due to Locke’s blowing up the sub vis-à-vis Jack and Juliet’s outsider status. Moving the Others (where?) solved that issue, and it providing a handy mechanism to get Jack reunited with the Losties for the first time this season (yay!).

6. I don’t know what to make of the smoke monster. It’s kind of fakey, but it’s somewhat enjoyable too. Having it run into the fence was a cool move.

7. Sayid’s “she’s not coming with us” (referring to Juliet) was very interesting and a microcosm of what will happen when that quartet arrives on the beach, Juliet in tow and Locke nowhere to be found.

8. I love this show!!

*I, like, totally sound like a middle school girl in this sentence.


  1. I scrolled down like a mad man, as last night was, shall we say, hijacked by my comp exam (which I passed!). I’m looking forward to seeing it, especially in light of comment number 8.

  2. Now that M and I have seen the episode, I can agree that the show just keeps getting better.


    I think Sayyid’s skepticism of Juliet is well-founded. I wouldn’t put it past Benry to plant Juliet in the beach camp for some intel/devious plan–especially since that’s the person Jack trusts/cares about most (Aw, slam, Kate. You know that one time, when Jack asked about Juliet? THAT’s how it feels).

    Kate’s back story was pretty interesting, and made me wonder where in Iowa they were.

    DAP to M for calling early on that Hurley was playing Sawyer like a fiddle. At first I thought Hurley just had a hankering for some meat, but he’s easily emerging as the Scottie Pippen to any leader’s Jordan.

    The whole Locke thing is bizarre. There’s scuttlebut going ’round the internets that Locke DIDN’T blow up the sub, but just the end of the dock (hence Locke being drenched when the gang encounters him).

    So many questions. But SUCH a good show!

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