Posted by: Nathan | April 8, 2007

Easter is a celebration (or Merry Easter!)

Happy Easter to everyone! Yes, it’s snowing in Colorado (that’s just how it goes out here: it’s nuts), but I hope you all are having an excellent Easter with or without family.

Christmas is really the biggest Christian holiday of the year, but in my mind it should be Easter. Yes, the birth of our Lord, the Incarnation, is hugely important, but His resurrection is even more so. No resurrection, no Christianity. That Jesus conquered death and crushed Satan’s hopes for a victory is the most important moment in history. That we serve a risen Lord–our Savior lives, breathes and interecedes on our behalf–is an amazing truth that as a Christian I often take for granted. We live moment by moment in the presence of his grace because he died and rose; we gain eternal life because He defeated death.

All of this makes me want to party! A lot of the time, however, the church services I go to are a bit downplayed on Easter Sunday. Now, I completely agree with Solomon: there is a time for everything, including solemnity; however, I argue that Easter is not that time. Good Friday is a great day for reflection; Christmas has its own gravitas, and Easter does too. But Easter is a day for joy. The tomb is empty! The best hopes of Evil are dismantled. Our hope is forever! Jesus did it all on our behalf when we could do nothing to save ourselves (Rom 5:8).

Happy Easter, y’all! I hope amidst all the candy, egg-dying, and yummy food that we all remember the Risen Christ today–our hope and joy.


  1. Nathan, fabulous post. I know it’s a bit late, but I just read it and loved it. I agree with you! Easter is a time to remember God’s crazy Love, and because of that to celebrate in joy and awe! Happy belated Easter to you, and I hope you can remember that celebration throughout the year!

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