Posted by: Nathan | April 19, 2007

Lost Thoughts 4/18/07

I’m not going to comment on Lost every week, but every other week isn’t too much, right? Again, I’ll encourage you to involve yourself with the best show on TV unless you’ve got more important things to do. Also, don’t read on or you’ll ruin things for yourself later if you don’t watch the show weekly and/or haven’t seen yesterday’s episode.


1. This was one of those filler episodes, no two ways about it. I like Desmond a lot, and it’s certainly cool that he was a monk (some religion in the show! finally!), but really, nothing happened to advance the plot too much in my estimation.

2. Who’s the chica in the parachute get-up? That it’s not Penny is pretty annoying; did anyone else recognize her? Should I have? Was it that girl Ruth from before? And why does this other girl have a picture of Penny and Des? I wan’ some answers, brotha!

3. That Desmond would even consider letting Charlie die just to reunite himself to Penny is really pathetic. Can you imagine how the rest of your life would go? “Gee, Penny, we’re together, have eight kids, millions of dollars, and four houses all over the world; I’m so glad I let Charlie die that day in the jungle, or none of this would’ve happened!”

4. The most enjoyable part of the episode was easily the love rectangle on the beach. It’s obvious that Kate likes Jack better than Sawyer because she’s following his lead on the relationship; Jack’s with Juliet (boo!), so Kate sleeps with Sawyer. Wow, Kate, that wasn’t a knee-jerk reaction or anything. Sawyer’s “just ask” response to the whole thing was hilarious.

5. The ping-pong game was fun. It’s nice seeing Jack happy again.

6. That someone can just land on the island from a helicopter sort of ruins the credibility the writers had established that this place isn’t easy to find. I think that was an error on their part, but we’ll see in the episodes to come.

Okay, now onto the bigger issues that this episode ignored.

—The days are running out on Juliet; Ben said he’d see her in a week. That Jack trusts her shows serious flaws in his judgment, which is a bummer because I don’t like to dislike Jack. If something’s going to happen with Juliet, it’s all on Sayid and maybe Sawyer. Go Sayid!

—The question on everyone’s mind: Where’s Locke?!?! Why did he join up with the Others after seeing his dad? I miss him. Sure, he’s a bungler, but he’s still the man.

—I still think Michael will return before the season’s out. Mark my words!

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