Posted by: Nathan | April 22, 2007

Planet Earth Marathon

For weeks friends and people I talked to at the bank have been raving about Discovery Channel’s unprecedented mini-series Planet Earth. Today (Sunday, April 22) Discovery Channel is running a marathon of the series. If you haven’t seen it and aren’t doing anything better today, sit yourself down for a couple of hours and absorb the most amazing nature photography you’ve ever seen.

The series consists of hour-long episodes, each covering a different habitat. I just finished watching “Temperate Seas;” “Caves” and “Forests” are on later tonight. This show is one of the very few that make cable worth having (SportsCenter is up there too). The world that God has created is truly breathtaking (you won’t hear this on the show, unfortunately).

Don’t have cable? Check out the website.


  1. This looks like a great series. Though we don’t have cable, we’ll perhaps rent some of the DVDs via netflix.

    And how could you overlook PTI as a show that makes cable worth having? It kicks SportsCenter‘s can day in and day out. 🙂

  2. Like Kyle, we too don’t have the Discovery Channel. JL will cringe at this, but I now plan to Netflix this some day as well!

  3. JL has nothing to fear; five minutes of this show will be enough to get her attention; ten minutes and she’ll be picking her jaw up off the floor.

    Overlooking PTI was indeed egregious. Better than SportsCenter? Absolutely. And I’d add that the podcast is almost as good as watching it on the tube.

  4. The good news is: I saw that series featured in our local paper’s TV Vision insert weeks ago and worked hard at taping the whole thing. (Mind you, that is a departure for me. I have long ago quit taping any other show that repeated on a weekly basis — including Lost since it’s on the web. But I’m sure Planet Earth will be worth all the work.)

    The bad news is: We have not been able to watch even a minute of any ep. Life may calm down someday and allow for this. Based on all the comments here, I’m sure it will be worth it.

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