Posted by: Nathan | April 23, 2007

If it’s got a handle…

…don’t put it in a bag! There is some disease out here in Colorado that has infected just about every grocery checker I’ve encountered. I call it: overuseofbagsitis. Let me help you out here, Coloradoans and anyone else who suffers from this illness. A gallon of milk has a handle for two purposes: 1. Aids pouring, 2. Allows carrying. I don’t need a flimsier bag with handles when my milk already comes with an easy-to-use, more sturdy handle. This same rule applies to laundry detergent. A half gallon of milk is a gray area in my view: although the handle is sturdier, it’s rather small, and the half-gal can fit into a bag with other things.

Let’s save ourselves some effort and bags here, everybody, and sack only those things that require it.


  1. I actually prefer getting my gallon jugs of milk in bags. I know, I’m crazy. But it’s because the cold jug has always picked up some wet condensation by the time I get to the checkout lane (and especially to the car) and it then picks up dirt and dust in my less than pristine trunk or car floor. Then that stuff gets tracked in to my fridge and counter tops. But, I’m weird and I understand normal people not caring about that. Maybe I should just start vacuuming my car more.

    I definitely agree with you for large detergent jugs. Since we tend to buy All Small & Mighty, Free & Clear 3x (which is an awesomely small jug), I was going to disagree with you on detergent….but then I remembered that it doesn’t have a handle!

    Since I doubt many people agree with me on milk jugs, I’d say “if it has a handle and it’s too big/heavy to share a bag, leave it out” seems like a good mantra for baggers. Good post.

  2. The condensation argument is one I hadn’t thought of. I’d posit that the condensation isn’t much of a factor outside of the summer season. We at AQ will make a special provision for those who want to sack their gallons of milk in summer; otherwise, leave it out.

    Of course, this is only my goofy opinion.

  3. Did I mention that I loved this post?

  4. Ok, so now I try to use as few plastic bags as possible. All the plastic bags that pile up in our house from shopping have finally caught my attention. I’m still a pretty wasteful person, but I’m this close to bringing my own canvas bags to the grocery store with me.

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