Posted by: Nathan | May 2, 2007

Where are you, Cherry Jones?

untitled.jpgIn my book, Cherry Jones Soda is arguably the best soda-pop ever made. Sure, one can make the case for Vault and its limey goodness. Cherry Coke (or I guess it’s Coca-Cola Cherry now) is up there. If I’m reminiscing, I miss the days of Crystal Clear Pepsi; I can’t believe you people who didn’t like it. It tasted just like regular Pepsi!! Anyway, I like a hoard of other pops after these, but if I had a choice on any day to drink any pop I choose, it’d be Cherry Jones.

This is the reason why I’m so saddened that I haven’t seen a Cherry Jones in many-a-day. Where are they? I checked the Jones Soda website to see if they still made it; they do. So where is Cherry? I see Green Apple, Root Beer, MF Grape (I’m afraid to ask what the “MF” means), Strawberry-Lime (that one’s everywhere), Orange, Fufu Berry (what is a fufu berry?), and…shudder…Bubble Gum, but no Cherry.

Maybe it’s just a Colorado thing. Perhaps citizens of the Centennial State dislike the flavor of cherry. Maybe folks from the Land of 10,000 Lakes really love cherry. I don’t know. All I know is, the next Cherry Jones Soda I see will be purchased without a second thought. And if by some random chance anyone from Jones Soda reads this humble post, please, please ship some bottles to Colorado ASAP.


  1. Dude, cherry is good, but I’m taking green apple Jones over cherry any day of the week!!

  2. Green apple is a fine flavor, but it’s no cherry. You should enjoy the easy access to Cherry Jones that you have everyday. Why, I know just where they are in the Super Target a few miles from Bethel. Dang.

  3. There aren’t any in Georgia either. It’s my favorite too and I’m deeply saddened.

    I came across your blog post looking for that tasty beverage online. We should start a petition and send it to the Jones Soda Co.

  4. The Genghis Grill (Mongo BBQ with lots of Sriracha sauce please) here in Cedar Rapids has Cherry Jones Soda to buy. Not sure if it’s available across the chain, but I see that the Khan has set up shops in Grand Junction, CO and Montrose, CO. Might work if you need a quick Cherry fix.

  5. *blog hopping*

    Fufu Berry is to die for, regardless of the fact that I don’t know what “Fufu” is or means. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.


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