Posted by: Nathan | May 14, 2007

New Unis for the Chargers

The Bolts scrapped their perfectly acceptable (if not pretty dang good) uniforms of last season and got new ones (home, alternate). The color scheme stayed basically the same, with the exception of the addition of baby blue, which is making its way into more and more jerseys these days (cf. Utah Jazz alternate, Tennessee Titans pajama unis). These are obviously influenced by the popularity of San Diego’s throwback unis. There’s lots to talk about here, so we’ll proceed head to foot.

The helmet is now “pearly white” instead of the navy of the last few seasons. While this doesn’t look bad, I’m going to classify this under the “ain’t broke don’t fix it” category. The white helmets were fun when San Diego did their throwback games every now and again, but permanently changing them to white is a step down in my opinion. Many many teams sport white helmets (e.g. Miami, New York Jets, Indianapolis, Arizona), and the navy ones made the bolt stand out more. The white is fine but not great.

The jerseys themselves are slightly better in my estimation. The new font is excellent, and the baby blue addition to the outline is fine. For the away whites, I was hoping the Chargers would have learned from their past errors and gotten rid of the yellow outline that makes one think one has blurry vision; unfortunately, that didn’t happen. In fact, I think the blurriness is worse with the other blue thrown in there. I disagree with the movement of the numbers from sleeve to shoulder, but oh well. It’s no surprise that the Bolts made an alternate jersey because everybody’s doing it. While light blue isn’t too awful of an alternate color, it’s a shiny, electric blue, which is bad.

The only noteworthy changes on the pants are the addition of a stripe around the bolt on the away pants and that the bolt is streamlined. I don’t have an issue with the navy or white stripe around the lightning bolt, but I’m confused why on the white helmet there’s no stripe around the logo and it looks fine, but on the white pants a stripe is needed. I don’t care much about the new lightning bolt look: fewer pointy dealies is all.

Overall, it’s not a disaster as far as uniforms go. The new duds are not among the league’s best, but they’re solid. To improve them, I would return to the navy helmet (keeps the throwbacks more noticeable), take the shine off the alternate jersey color (or ditch them), and leave the numbers on the sleeve. The team has promised to wear white pants at home and navy ones on the road, and that had better happen or I’m going to be TICKED! The last thing we need is a white helmet, powder blue jersey, and navy pant combo. Wugh, it’s going to be a nightmare! But you know they’ll try it. Grade: B.


  1. Thanks for the review. We can always count on the hard-working staff of Ahab’s Quest to keep us abreast of the uniform changes. I agree that the yellow border makes the large number look blurry and that the new blue makes it look even more blurry. I really don’t care for the white unis–the baby blues are pretty cool, though. I think I like ’em more than you do. Hooray for uniform changes driven by capitalism (are there any other kind?).

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