Posted by: Nathan | May 27, 2007

UFC is not a sport either

Lots of guys are watching UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) these days, mainly because boxing is dead. Guys like violence; that’s no revelation. However, I’m surprised at the surge in popularity of this brutal mixed martial arts spectacle. And I’m somewhat alarmed that ESPN is now covering it.

I’ll say outright that I’ve never watched UFC, and I never want to. I have plenty of better activities to occupy my time than to observe amazingly strong men beat the snot and blood out of each other using whatever fighting style they wish. But is this a legitimate sport? I often wonder if boxing should a recognized sport, but there are many rules governing it; UFC seems to have much fewer of these rules. Now that boxing is joyfully on its way down, I was hoping that we could forget about pummeling each other for sport, but UFC has risen to take its place.

In any case, you can expect me to boycott this crap. And though it is disappointing that ESPN is giving it validity, it’s not surprising.


  1. I’m not surprised that the four-letter is hitching its wagon to UFC, either. I’m probably a little more inclined to call it a sport, though. Those guys are tough cookies, and have to be amazing athletes. Remember, though, I think golf is a sport.

    At any rate, Sports Illustrated put the ‘sport’ on its cover this week. Affirmation, baby. Affirmation.

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