Posted by: Nathan | May 29, 2007

“Since when did we become the YES network?”

So said my boy Mike Wilbon the other day on PTI, as he and Tony re-re-re-rehashed the Yankees’ situation. Here’s all you need to know about the Yankees this season:

1. They stink.

2. Clemens is coming back.

3. They are the only team anyone in broadcasting is capable of discussing.

At the writing of this post, everyone’s beloved New York Yankess, the Bronx Bombers, the Pinstripes, the gods of baseball, have a dismal 21-28 record and are tied for last in their division with…wait for it…Tampa Bay!! Twenty-two teams in Major League Baseball have a better record than the Crankees, including the Cubs! Yet all I hear every stinkin’ day from ESPN is, “Can the Yankees make the playoffs?”, “Can the Yankees recover?”, “Will Clemens make the difference?”, “Will Torre be fired?”, “How did Clemens pitch against pathetic minor leaguers?” I’m just going to answer those questions once and forevermore: Maybe, maybe, no, not yet, not that well. There!


Yanks and Sawx, Sawx and Yanks. That’s all I ever hear. The BoSox have at least earned some attention; they’re playing quite well. The Crankees aren’t. Let’s hear about the Angels, or Brewers, or maybe the Indians. The Dodgers are playing very well, the Tigers are in it. What about the Padres?

Wilbon went off on today’s PTI about this same subject, and I don’t blame him. There are twenty-eight other teams in MLB aside from those other two teams in the AL east; heck, there’s even another team in New York City who is waaaay outplaying their cross-town rival. ESPN, you are NOT the YES network. Cover baseball, not the Yankees. As punishment, ESPN should be forced to discuss every other team ONLY. I don’t care if Stenbrenner lights his hair on fire and bats cleanup (well, maybe that would warrant coverage); I’m done with this.


  1. Well said, sir. You should write a letter to the ESPN ombudswoman, Le Anne Schreiber–she seems to have a sympathetic ear.

  2. I did look up Schreiber at your suggestion, and she really makes a lot of great points. Thanks for the tip!

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