Posted by: Nathan | June 3, 2007

A Coffee-Mate Flavor just for my Dad?

I usually get groceries at Albertson’s these days (it’s right by our house—no driving!), and they always have the unquestioned best Coffee-Mate flavor: Amaretto. But this week we went to Target, which is famous for its poor Coffee-Mate selection; however, much to my surprise, they had two new flavors! Naturally I had to try them, but which one to start with? I chose Blueberry Cobbler over Pralines and Crème.

blueberrycobbler.jpgNow, I know what you’re thinking because I thought the same thing: “Blueberry in coffee?!” But let me put those fears to rest, my friend. Blueberry Cobbler is extremely tasty. So much so, that it almost immediately vaulted itself into my top five flavors.

It has all the essential elements of a flavored creamer: it’s delicious, interesting, tastes good in coffee regardless of the amount used or strength of coffee, and it doesn’t leave one thirsty. There is a cobbler-esqueness to it that’s hard to describe; it doesn’t taste like blueberries only, so whatever they threw in there to accomplish that feat, I like it. Like most ‘mates, the more you add, the more it tastes like a dessert, but that’s ok. We don’t drink this stuff to lose weight.

I highly recommend this delightful new treat. Since I gave Peppermint mocha a B+ on a day when I felt very stingy for some reason, I’ll put Blueberry Cobbler at an 8/10, and a slightly lower B+. Try it!

But what I really want to know is, how did my dad get Coffee-Mate to make a flavor just for him? Everyone knows your obsession with blueberries, Pops. Do you know some higher-up in the CM company, or did you slip them a small bribe? In any case, if no one else who reads this post tries Blueberry Cobbler, you’ve got to, Dad.


  1. Always happy to see that the diligent staff of Ahab’s Quest still have their collective fingers firmly on the pulse of the Coffee Mate industry! I really wish Coffee-Mate sold individual serving packs to consumers, as I’m still wary of blueberry but want to try it.

  2. I have to admit that a blueberry-based CM sort of gives me pause. But you’ve convinced me to try it if I see it. Thanks for the review.

    By the by, each of our dad’s are obsessed with blueberries. Yet another reason to think that we are, in fact, the same person. 😉

  3. If dad really has some connection in the coffee mate industry, some sort of mix including blueberries and coconut will be coming out soon….

  4. Jason, you’re in luck–Coffee Mate’s website ( offers a 7-day supply of Coffee Mate for free. And there are few things better than free Coffee Mate.

  5. Well, looks a little sketchy. But I searched for the 7-day supply, and only saw where I could tell them how I enjoyed it. I’ll keep looking.

  6. Hmmm….sorry for the misleading link. I hope it won’t get you in trouble with the man.

  7. Oh, no worries. It wasn’t that sketchy!

  8. I also appreciate AQ’s devotion to keeping us abreast of the breaking news on Coffee-Mate options. I am glad to report that while is indeed a little sketchy, (with the hyphen) is the real thing. Specifically, has a cool Flash intro and is the link for the 7-day trial of CM. I signed up and will let you know how it works out. I promise to check out the Blueberry Cobbler option and advise. I may not even wait for the mail to arrive (“please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery”). I will likely invest in a speculative purchase as soon as I get paid next (that would be Friday).

    By the way, I am incensed that my contact at Nestle did not advise me ahead of time about CM’s latest offerings (also including Chocolate Raspberry, Caramel and Toffee Nut). But as for that inside connection, let’s just say it might not be an accident that they have also released a 32-oz. version of Coconut Creme.

  9. Mission accomplished. Blueberry Cobbler is acquired and tested. (No I didn’t wait for my freebie sample coupon to arrive.)

    I’m pleased to report that results are favorable. I generally avoid using refrigerated creamers since I like my coffee hot. So you might say that Coffee-Mate tends to have a chilling effect on my coffee enjoyment.

    But if the flavor is good enough, I make exceptions. Well, this flavor is good enough and to spare. The first time I added some and tasted it I thought “if some is good, more is better” and added another glug. I was rewarded with even more blueberry-ish flavor. The experience was so inspiring I even went to the cafeteria and bought a blueberry bagel to go with it. After all, life’s too short not to live it up a little, right?

    So my thanks go out to the AQ editorial staff for their continuing vigilance over this pleasant topic. Now if I can just get my inside contact at Nestle to give me advance warning when they are about to release my Blueberry Coconut Delight…

  10. Just for the record, I usually put an ice cube in my morning cup to tame down the temperature a bit. 🙂

  11. My husband loves your Amaretto cream, yet he cannot find it in the local stores. Help.
    Can we order by mail. Thanks

  12. Easy, tiger. Possession is one thing. Dealing is quite another.

  13. I`ve found that using you creamers I don`t need any sweetners at all and the coffee is so smooth and flavorful,I`ve used it in and over other things,and it`s also good over OATMEAL,and in my recepies for cookies. Keep up the flavors, I`m impressed.

  14. Well, thank you Sandi and Rachel, but I really don’t have anything to do with the production of everyone’s favorite coffee creamer. I just drink it like you.

    The good for you, Rachel, is that Coffee-Mate has a flavor locator so you too can find Amaretto (definitely the best flavor) in your neck of the woods. Enjoy!

  15. I think you should be getting paid as some kind of Coffee-Mate evangelist. Maybe they’re afraid of the fact that you keep it real and criticize the flavors that don’t cut it.

  16. where are the free samples

  17. I want to try it. Where is my free sample.Blueberry sounds great. Vickey

  18. Dad, would enjoya sample for Sunday coffee.


  20. Listen, Vickey, and anyone else who wants free Coffee-Mate from me, I don’t have it! I buy it for my use; I’m no dealer.

    But since y’all were nice enough to comment on my blog, I will direct you to this link for a free sample that Nestle is offering. Or you can just click the link on comment 8.

  21. hi i buy coffemate all the time it is great i love it.thats all i put in my coffe.thank cathy

  22. i would like some free sample.cathy

  23. I love it when it this happens! Send me some free samples too.

  24. just heard about the new flavors–anxious to try them, please send for a free sample

  25. all i wanted was your free coupon,and instead i get 400 letters from other people saying how great it was.what a joke

  26. yea hi how do u get the coupon for a weeks supplie of coffee mate all im getting is how much people like it seriously tell me!

  27. I have tried coffeemate other than thepowered and I really was not happy with that

  28. How do I get free coffeemate?

  29. I’d like some coffeemate.

  30. I can’t drink coffee without having my coffeemate. This morning I was out, but I ran to the store to get some and decided to change to a new flavor. I tried the Hazelnut…it was GREAAT!!!

  31. All I know is there was an ad for 7 free coffee-mate bags and I’ve been to 20 differant places and it has always ended up with some spam crap hooked up with it. You can’t get the coffee-mate before you fill out all the info they want. It’s so misleading and full of ____. What a JOKE!

  32. […] thought I, “something is up.” Forty-five of those visits were all for the same post, which is a lowly post about how much my dad would love Blueberry Coffee-Mate.  “Hmm,” […]

  33. need coupons for any coffeemate,all are great.thaks sue

  34. I live in Ga. My husband has looked all over for blueberry cobler coffe mate any suggestions on where to find it?

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