Posted by: Nathan | June 3, 2007

Done with School and Something to Read

Yeeehaw! I finished the first year of my M.A. program on Thursday by turning in a paper on prosody, which was quite fun to write. Anyway, I’m so grateful that God has led me through all the changes, challenges, and struggles of the past year. “Know ye therefore, that the LORD your God is God; he is a faithful God…” Deuteronomy 7:9. Indeed he is.

Normally I don’t flaunt my academic productions because they’re really boring to those who doesn’t know the subject matter (and maybe to those who do). However, this last trimester I had a translation class (Spanish to English,  claro), and I translated a short story by Horacio Quiroga (no, I hadn’t heard of him either) called “Los Ojos Sombríos” or “Shadowy Eyes.” It’s really a great story, and my translation is only ten pages. If you want to read it, shoot me an email, and I’ll get it to you. Not interested? I still like you.


  1. Congratulations, my friend. A job well done, I’m sure, and rest well deserved.

    Also, I’d be interested in reading your translation. And no, I won’t pull a Billy Donovon and reconsider my interest.

  2. Good job, Nathan! Halfway there, right? I’m looking forward to bragging you up on my “congrats” page next year at this time. Who knows, maybe J will be next after that?

    As you directed I did send you an email that you can reply to with your Great American Translation attached. Mom and I will take on reading it as “homework”. See, you’re already playing the professor!

  3. Well done on the first year of grad school, if you don’t mind congratulations from a stranger. I’m down with a good translation, too, if you’re up to sending it along.

  4. Glad to hear that you are half-way there. Congrats! I’m sure I wouldn’t comprehend your translation, so I’d be too embarrased to even try.
    Much success to you,
    Aunt Jane
    Sleepless in Iowa

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