Posted by: Nathan | June 25, 2007

Never take a taxi

If you can help it! The wife and I ran out of options for people to pick us up from the airport today, so we took a cab home. It was unbelievably usurious! To get in the cab, it was $2.75; fine, whatever. Then, for the vehicle to move and take me to my destination, it cost $0.25 per 1/8 of a mile!! Two dollars per mile.* Thankfully, we don’t live too far from DIA, but we still ended up spending the equivalent of a week’s worth of gas for our car just to get home. RIDICULOUS!

Why do you taxi folk think that rides in your cars are worth such absurd prices? Sure, our cab wasn’t dirty, but it smelled odd and certainly wasn’t any more pleasant than my car or most people’s. Going forward, you can bet that I will be trying every option available to me before hopping into another bleed-the-passenger-dry mobile. Garbage!

*Aha! Who said English majors can’t do complicated math-type equation thingies!


  1. I took a lot of taxis in NYC, and my wallet felt the burn for sure. Even worse than the rates is the fact that you’re expected to tip. I think a tip for a taxi driver should be reserved for extra special service.

  2. I don’t recommend following my tipping preference though. Even if tipping standards are out of control in our society, it’s not cool to be a cheapskate.

  3. DC’s taxi fares are so-so. They work on a zone system, whereby you pay a fixed rate based on how many zones your taxi covers. Usually, for meetings, this only means one zone, which costs (I think) $6 for one person, $1.50 for each additional person. Fortunately, I get reimbursed for taxis to meetings. w00t! DC’s a sufficiently small city, though, that walking is still my first option.

    As for tipping, I’ve come to grudgingly accept the fact that I’m supposed to give a person extra money for doing a job they are already paid for. Usually $1-2 tip for the cabbie.

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