Posted by: Nathan | July 4, 2007

Pralines and Crème

pralinesandcreme1.jpgAs promised, here is the long-awaited review of the other new(ish) Coffee-Mate flavor, Pralines and Crème. It’s been a while since I actually drank the Pralines and Crème, (I think 3 bottles of C-Mate ago), but I remember it well enough to review it. If you’re the kind of coffee-drinker who enjoys nutty flavors, this one is for you. The praline taste is quickly distinct in a good way; I liked this one more than I expected. It mixes well with the coffee and doesn’t require too much of the Mate to get a decent flavor. As for the crème aspect, I really didn’t taste it much because, well, C-Mate is a coffee creamer. E’en so, I’m sure it made this flavor extra creamy (or something).

I liked it enough to have it again, but it’s not among the best. 6.7/10 and a B-.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we at AQ have recently rolled out a new category: “Edible.” There was some debate at the staff meeting if we should just have a “Coffee-Mate” category, since that the only food item we really ever write about. However, via secret ballot, it was decided that “Edible” is a more encompassing category. Plus, it will come in handy if we ever do write about something food-y besides Coffee-Mate. Thank you for your patronage.


  1. What I wouldn’t give to sit in on an AQ staff meeting. 🙂

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