Posted by: Nathan | August 9, 2007

Your Favorite Devotions

There is no replacement for spending time in God’s word, but I get a lot of benefit out of reading a good spiritual book in addition to reading the Bible. Right now I’m making my way through The Complete Green Letters for the second time (so powerful!), but I’ll be done with it soon. What books have had a positive impact on your spiritual life? Spending time with the Lord on the light rail every morning has been really great for me; your recommendations for Christian authors and devotional reading would be much appreciated. Thanks!


  1. Here are the spiritually-based books that I’ve read in the past year or so…they’re all on different topics, and I’ll rank them in terms of how strongly I recommend them.

    1. Piper – Desiring God – You can disagree with him on specific things, but this man is incredibly well read and researched, and his book is powerful and very well written. It also contains more Biblical references than I can even imagine putting together…
    2. Bonhoeffer – The Cost of Discipleship – Pretty amazing, don’t remember a ton about it from last year, goes through a lot of material and the greatest message of all time, the Sermon on the Mount.
    3. Bridges – Pursuit of Holiness – Just finished, very convicting, shorter in length, talks about sanctification process.
    4. Sittser – The Will of God as a Way of Life – Good book, addresses our calling, God’s will and makes you think about the way you conduct your life.
    5. Tozer – Pursuit of God – Pretty good, has many topics surrounding following God. I stole this book from the Wylly’s house…
    6. Boyd – Letters from a Skeptic – I’m only putting this at the bottom because it focuses on dialog about the existence of God and his attributes, but I really liked it because he addresses various questions logically. He’s a smart dude.

    There’s a list. I could even shoot one or two of them over your way for your b-day if you’d like. Let me know. See ya

  2. I’m inspired by your devotion to The Complete Green Letters by Miles Stanford. I have only worked through the first book of that volume, Principles of Spiritual Growth which was revolutionary for me. Did you know Stanford published a one-year devotional called the “Hungry Heart” series? I can’t find that title on but the text of the entire series is on the MJS website. I read it at It’s just what I need on a daily basis to keep “thinking positionally”. The whole site is awesome; you may appreciate the journal that the webmaster Dan updates frequently on the site’s home page.

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