Posted by: Nathan | August 17, 2007

Restoring Order to My Order

I love eating out, and recently, J and I have discovered the joy of appetizers. Mmm, those things really hit the spot when you’re hungry and you can’t wait for entrées. However, whenever we decide on an appetizer (or soup, salad, or anything that should come before the main dish), we hardly ever finish it before the server brings the next course and sets it before us.

Look, restaurants of America, I know you guys want us to eat as much as possible as fast as possible so you can serve as many people as possible, but please stop placing my entrée in front of my before the appetizer is gone! The appetizer exists to for me to enjoy before the main course. If entrée and appetizer coexist on my table, my attention is torn; I want to focus on each plate as it comes.

Additionally, all those plates crowd the table. I need room to munch, and you servers need room to put the plates on the table. Who among us hasn’t been to a few restaurants where the waitress struggles to find open places to deposit our respective meals? Make it easy on yourselves and on me; clear my appetizer plate and then place my main course.

It’s also just good manners. Any time I’ve had the pleasure of eating a higher class meal (read: expensive), the waiter has waited for me to finish every course before placing the next. It’s the server’s job to be attentive to me; therefore, if I eat slowly, keep my main course hot and waiting. If I’m scarfing my food, get that entrée ready! You can bet I’ll up my tips if you pay attention to my eating needs.

For some reason, we in America tend to eat fast. Meal times are for talking, laughing, sharing stories, and fellowshipping while enjoying delicious food. Respect the relational aspect of eating out—we’re here to have a good time! Let us set the pace for our meals. If we’re in a hurry, you’ll know; if we want to chat for an hour or two, you should be able to recognize that too.

One course at a time, people. That’s all I ask.


  1. Amen! I can barely get through some delicious spinach and artichoke dip before I’m faced with the prospect of my equally delicious manicotti. I can eat fast if I need to, but I rarely need to, especially if I’m paying good money (ie, over Panera prices). And, let’s be honest, Panera is just too good to scarf, too.

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