Posted by: Nathan | August 22, 2007



Next Friday, J and I are picking up our first dog as a couple. We’re getting a West Highland White Terrier (Westie) from a breeder in Nebraska. This will be my first dog ever, and I’m very excited about it. That said, J is about 500% more excited! Anyhoo, I have a feeling that Lucy will be appearing a lot on this blog in the upcoming months. We don’t know which of the three in the picture will be our Lucy, but we’re leaning toward the one in the middle; however, you never know until you meet them.

Hooray, puppy!


  1. Congratulations! Few things are as exciting and adorable as a new puppy. I look forward to pictures!

  2. I like the one on the right. Of course, as a basset hound person, I’m inclined to favor the sad looking ones. I’m happy for your new arrival, as I actually don’t read any blogs that ever post pictures of cute animals. It’s about time.

  3. Congrats on getting a puppy! She will be a lot of fun. You’ve made M very jealous. So, maybe we’ll get a fish.

    PS – I hope you said, “Hooray, puppy!” in the style of Red Stripe Beer.

  4. Oh man, I’m so excited for you guys! Having a new puppy is a wonderful experience – if only they could stay that small and yet be potty trained!

  5. I love the red stripe “hooray beer!” commercials! There are a bunch of great ones on Youtube that aren’t being aired on TV…

    As for the dog, I’d go for the middle one, too.

    As for Iowa football this year, do you realize that we don’t play Michigan OR Ohio States this year?! I had to re-read the schedule about 8 times before believing my eyes. We’d better have a good year this year!! Check it out for yourself…

  6. […] my first dog ever; J’s grown up with canines. We looked over the three pups (you may remember them) and took home Lucy. I think we ended up going with the one Jason and J’s sister wanted; she […]

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