Posted by: Nathan | August 26, 2007


chessmen00.jpgChessmen cookies are really yummy. I was introduced to them last fall in my 18th Century Lit class. My professor brought them for the class one night; “they’re my favorite biscuits!” she said (she’s a Brit). What’s nice about Chessmen is that they’re mellow; they’re shortbread cookies, so they’re sweet but not overly so*. They go well with a lot of things (coffee, milk, parties), and they have chess pieces on them! Okay, so that’s what I really like the most–I can munch down a scrumptious rook, a crunchy bishop, or a tasty pawn. And I noticed today that there are other Chessmen flavors available now, including chocolate.

Yum yum, eat-em-up!

*I have nothing against sweet cookies, but these are nice, too.


  1. Two questions. Are the chocolate Chessmen shortbread cookies with a layer of chocolate applied somewhere like the bottom? Shortbread can be great with chocolate. Also, would a bag of chocolate and normal Chessman come with enough pawns and other “pieces” to play a game of chess? How fun to capture a piece and eat it.

    • The chocolate chessmen are delicious. The batter is chocolate, there is no layer of chocolate on plain shortbeard. It is a very subtle and wonderful flavor. The problem is I can not find these fabulous cookies anywhere! I wonder if they have been discontinued. If you find them buy them all, it’s worth it.

  2. And by “a bag of chocolate and normal” I mean two bags; one of each.

  3. Thanks for the ‘review’. I’m a big shortbread fan, but haven’t ever tried these. Please continue your quest to enlighten your readers’ palates. Perhaps that’s the real ‘quest’ this blog is on…

  4. A cookie chess game is a terrific idea! However, I think you’ll need two or three bags of each color to assemble the needed pieces. The cookies seem to be mostly the cool pieces like queens, knights, and bishops; it would be hard to find enough pawns, I think.

  5. And that makes perfect sense for a bag of cookies to eat. I wouldn’t want it to be mostly pawns either.

  6. Good news: the Chessmen chess game is turning into more of a possibility. I saw Mini Chessmen at the store the other day AND they come in chocolate now. You’d probably still need a few bags, but think how gratifying it would be to not only knock your opponent’s piece off the table but also to eat it!

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