Posted by: Nathan | August 26, 2007

Grand Teton NP

It’s been two months since D, E, J and I made our way south from Yellowstone to Grand Teton National Park. I only have a few things to say about the place, and then we’ll get to the pictures.

With National Parks, my first rule is, “if you don’t hike it, you don’t see it.” Naturally, you can catch an eyeful at any National Park from your car, but hiking the park unites you with the land; you feel like you know the place somehow. The exception to this rule is GTNP. The jutting moutain range is visible from everywhere, and it’s gorgeous.

I’m sure there is a lot more to see if I had the time to hike it, but there aren’t any trails worth hiking in the eastern part of the park; therefore, if you want to hike GTNP, you’re hiking in the mountains themselves. While I’m positive this is an unbelievable experience, I wasn’t in the kind of shape to do so. The hike to Hidden Falls was well worth the couple hours we spent, however.

Lastly, GTNP is a photographer’s dream. Since I’ve been, I see a picture of GTNP almost every day. It’s on calendars, checks, commercials, ads; it’s everywhere, and for good reason. I’ve never been to a place that is so beautiful but so brazen: it’s as if the mountains like to show off. That’s fine with me.


Mt. Moran front and center with Skillet Glacier in view.




Jenny Lake with Teewinot on the left and Cascade Canyon center.




Hidden Falls. These were hidden, too. Gorgeous hike on a brilliantly sunny day.




Inside Chapel of the Transfiguration. The Grand Teton is directly above the Cross.




Snake River Overlook. This shot was made famous by one Ansel Adams. His is probably better.

A few people have told me that they’ve visited Yellowstone but skipped Grand Teton. Don’t do it! GTNP will reward even a couple hours of visiting. It’s gorgeous.


  1. Beautiful! Any chance we’ll get to see these full sized on your Flickr page? Great shots.

  2. Wow! I second the motion for a Flickr page. You and J take some great pictures.

  3. Your requests have been heeded. Pop on by my Flickr page and enjoy!

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