Posted by: Nathan | August 31, 2007

Triple Roll TP the Real Deal

tp.jpgJ and I usually by triple roll toilet paper, but I always wondered if it was really a bargain. The triple roll is supposed to be 1/3 larger than the double roll; you get 8 triples per package or 12 doubles. So, I put the matter to the test, albeit not very scientifically.

Since J and I have been using double rolls, we’ve been changing our TP a lot more often. With the triple roll, we could usually go a week with no changes, but now it’s twice every week/week and a half. So stay with that triple roll, folks. It’s worth it.

Nuts. I really wanted to bow the whistle on this one.

As a final aside, the above picture demonstrates the proper way to arrange your toilet paper. Unrolling it from the underside is silly and awkward.


  1. Amen to the proper way to arrange your toilet paper! As for triple rolls, I never knew they existed. Sounds smart though.

  2. While the triple roll sounds good, let’s hope TP doesn’t follow the path of razors, which have gained an ever-increasing amount of blades per razor. Those 5-blade razors are just ridiculous–they’re only for warewolves (and men like Jerry Seinfeld).

    And I second the DAP for showing the proper way to load the TP.

  3. Something about TP and razor blades in the same sentence…*shivers*.

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