Posted by: Nathan | August 31, 2007

Uni Changes and My Rules

I found my boy Paul Lukas’ college football Uni-Watch article today, which is always good reading. Looking over all these uniform alterations, I thought I might make some general uniforms rules or guidelines because there are so many mistakes being made. “Rules are made to be broken,” you say? Perhaps, but not like this and certainly NOT like this.

1. If your team’s color scheme does not include black, do not include black on your uniforms. How many times have we seen this? The Lions, the aforementioned Ducks, Eagles, Buccaneers, et al. Look, you get two colors that are your team colors; if you want to add an accent color or two, fine, no black alternate jerseys! Why? Because they’re so boring! If black is one of your major two colors (like the Steelers or Jags), then you a get black jersey.

2. Monochrome is never, never, NEVER okay! I don’t care what your team colors are, you cannot wear helmet, jersey, and pants of the same hue. It’s disgusting. Black is the least heinous offender, but then you’re sporting ninja suits. The eye is pleased by contrast; break up the monotony. There are also some teams that have one color helmet and and wear another color on both their jerseys and pants. This is an iffy proposition at best. I won’t outright forbid it, but don’t be like the Titans who look like they’re playing in their footies.

3. Outlining numbers: if you have a lighter color (like yellow), you cannot use said color to outline your jersey numbers. The Chiefs are a big offender here. I always feel like my eyes aren’t seeing the numbers clearly because of that stupid outline. Using Kansas City as my example, you can outline the white number with yellow on the home jersey if there is a space between colors for visibility; on the white away jerseys, no yellow outline can be used (space or no space) because it vanishes with distance. The Chargers used to outline their navy numbers with yellow on their white jerseys, but you could never really see it.

4. More outlining rules. If you have a ligher color, outline it with a darker color. This allows the eye to sharply distinguish between lines and colors! The Packers do this so well: yellow pants, white stripe outlined in green—classic. Note that the Pack do not feel the need to outline their jersey numbers in yellow, neither do the Steelers. Way to go, guys! Exceptions can be made to this rule if the lighter shade is bold enough to stand on its own, like orange.

5. No butt stripes. Never. Not for any reason. Think of the linemen, people!

6. I miss sleeve stripes. These look so cool and vintage. You know you’re going to change your logo in two years anyway, you guys; why not put some stripes back on those sleeves and save yourselves the trouble?

At least my boys will be well-dressed…yet again. Let’s hope we win the Big Ten this year!


  1. I like your rules, especially the one about no butt stripes. Preach it.

    I have to say, though, that it offends me when the Packers are praised in any capacity. It’s just how I was raised.

  2. I had no pleasure in praising anything Packer-related, but you gotta love those pant stripes.

    Returning to point #2, Syracuse wore monochrome, vivid orange this weekend. I couldn’t decide if they looked more like incarcerated criminals or construction cones playing football. I guess my rules couldn’t have come at a better time.

  3. I personally prefer to see dark jerseys with white pants, and white jerseys with dark pants. One example would be the Washington Redskins. I personally do not root for the Redskins, but I definitely like them in their white jerseys with maroon pants. The all white look does nothing for me, and I think they always wear white pants whenever they wear their maroon or burgundy jerseys. I think that all teams should wear contrasting pants with their jerseys no matter if they are wearing white or colored jerseys. Another example would be the Cleveland Browns, who wear white pants with their white jerseys. I feel they should either wear brown pants or orange pants with white jerseys, but they look more than cool to me with brown jerseys and white pants.In summary I just do not like colored jerseys with colored pants or white jerseys with white pants. Mix it up a little bit please!!!!

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