Posted by: Nathan | September 4, 2007


lucy01.jpgLast Friday, J and I drove the two hours north to Cheyenne, WY to meet our breeder and pick up our first puppy. For me, it’s my first dog ever; J’s grown up with canines. We looked over the three pups (you may remember them) and took home Lucy. I think we ended up going with the one Jason and J’s sister wanted; she was the calmest, the most interested in people, and the most cuddly.

Since then, life’s been very different! Having a dog is an amazing combination of joy and frustration. Lucy is very intelligent: she already knows “come” (and to ignore it), “let’s go” for walks, and she’s starting to pick up “sit.” As for potty training, there have been a few accidents (as expected), but she usually goes outside, which is a blessing. Hopefully, we’ll help her improve in that department before long. She wakes us up once or twice a night, and that’s been a little hard on me and J; however, puppies are only as good as you train them to be, and we’re working on it.

And now, without further delay, what you really want to see in this post: lots of cute pictures!

Lu with her blanky.



She loves tummy rubs.

So ferocious.

With J (alias: “Mom.” Yeah, I’m one of those people now).

Attacking Kanga.
In her special spot (doublespeak for “pen”) with another chew toy.

More confident by the day.


  1. She’s tiny! She’s also very cute.

  2. Thanks for the pics! My favorites are the tummy rub and ferocious. Looks like a GREAT new kid you have there.

  3. Oh, Nathan. So cute. I hope you and your little pup are having lots of fun. I hope Jen doesn’t burst with all the happiness. Hope to meet her someday!

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