Posted by: Nathan | September 5, 2007

Weather, Sports, and My NFL Predictions

It seems like there is a parallel to draw between sportscasters and those who predict the weather, namely: everyone listens to what they say, but no one remembers. I should say at the outset that predicting the weather or sporting events is hard to do; they are both complex systems.

What bothers me about all this predicting is not the inaccuracy (there are too many interacting phenomena for accuracy) but the authoritative tone. “This team WILL win the division!!”; “Team A is BETTER than team B!”; “There WILL be thundershowers TONIGHT!” Yeah, well we just don’t know, do we? And none of us remembers when a weatherwoman or a sportscaster is wrong in squi’s predictions; we just accept squi’s expertise for the next day’s weather or game.

Thus, it is in the spirit of fun (not authority) that I offer up my Certain-to-be-Inaccurate 2007 NFL Predictions! Last year’s weren’t too great, and I expect nothing less than at least 50% failure here. Since the NFL is really unpredictable and I suck at it worse than most, I’m going to be make some crazy picks here. Let’s get started!


North: Everyone’s talking Bears, but no one else has a shot. Sorry, Kyle and Nate.

South: Panthers win this division. Take that, New Orleans!

East: This is going to be a tightly-contested division. Eagles win it again.

West: It’ll be the Rams, with that cursed Stephen Jackson who lost me the FFL Super Bowl last year. Darn you, Scuba Steve!

Wildcards: Cowboys give Romo another shot to hold onto the ball on a field goal (get someone else to be the holder!), and the Seabags drag their XFL-esque Scuba suits into the playoffs to my chagrin. I guess I’m leaving the Saints out altogether. Oh well!


West: Broncos take it. Giddy-up!

East: Look, I’d love to pick somone else besides New England, but there just isn’t anybody. Every team in this division should be spotted ten points against the Crapriots.

South: The Jaguars win it. What?!

North: I’m taking the former women: the Bengals.

Wildcards: Always tight in the AFC, but Indy will be there and so will San Diego.

Super Bowl

Broncos v. Rams, with a Ram victory. I am off my rocker.


  1. Broncos v Rams? You are off your rocker.

  2. The Rams?? The RAMS?? Playoffs?! I think the Broncos could get to the post-season since the chargers made a bad change at the helm…but that’s a stretch too…The Rams, though…I do owe a debt of gratitude to my man stephen jackson, but I don’t think they’re going to the super bowl. I also must say your jaguars prediction is a little off-base. I’ll post my own predictions, but maybe i’ll just do it in a comment on yours…or maybe my poor blog, we’ll see.

  3. not even close. Thanx for mentioning the NEW YORK GIANTS…THAT’S RIGHT, THE NEW YORK GIANTS. I repeat myself because you didn’t even give them one mention. The only thing that you wrote that was right was the football is impossible to predict. And maybe your name(did you spell it right?)

  4. Fie on thee, joe ronin: you made me go to the four-letter network’s website to see how their experts’ predictions fared. And I hate going to the four-letter network’s website – it’s busier than a supreme pizza.

    Not a single one of the ‘experts’ picked the Giants to make the playoffs by any route. Let me repeat myself as you did: NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THE ‘EXPERTS’ PICKED THE GIANTS BY ANY ROUTE.

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