Posted by: Nathan | September 11, 2007

Pats are Cheaters

Almost as delightful as Michigan’s 0-2 start is the news that New England has been caught stealing defensive signals in their blowout victory over the Jets on Sunday. Seriously, Patriots, wha’ happened? Why did you think you needed to cheat to beat the Jets? No action has been taken as of this post, but I think the Pats should forfeit the Jets game and banish Brady from the league forever; okay, so the latter would be unfair, but I really do think they should be forced to forfeit.

It does make one wonder how many other games were affected by Patriot cheating. I really thought the Pats were won of the more classy organizations in the NFL, but now it seems they have all the class of Belichick’s sweatshirts.


  1. I couldn’t believe this news! Apparently they’ve been warned about this before! I hear that the most likely result will be the loss of draft picks…we’ll have to see. I watched some of that game, and with the show that Brady and Moss put on, no cheating scandals or sanctions look like they could stop this team…
    As for Michigan looking terrible and Wisconsin looking less than impressive, let’s go Iowa!! I swear, we have to be under the radar to be good, and I have a nice feeling after that 35-0 victory…

  2. So you should probably be happy with the penalty I heard about on the radio this morning. Sounded pretty strong.

    And why aren’t you writing about the Cubs? I heard they’re leading the NL Central? This is news, right? Or are you trying to avoid talking about it for fear of jinxing it?

  3. Yeah, you’re right about Iowa, Little Bro; we have a real shot at this. That said, there are still plenty of games to play (obviously).

    As for the punishment, no, it was not severe enough! If I were commissioner, here’s what we’d have: Pats forfeit the game and are 0-1 going to San Diego; Belichick is suspended for two games (6 if caught again); Pats lose 1 draft pick; team is fined. I’m glad that something happened, though; Sean Salisbury was making a fool of himself on ESPN the other night saying this flagrant cheating (after multiple warnings) was no big deal. Idiot.

    I’m not writing about my boys in Chitown because nothing’s happened yet. I’m waiting…and I’m afraid of the jinx.

  4. Wow. You are a harsh commissioner, sir. I would have suspended Belichick for one game without pay, fined the team, and taken away a draft pick. They can’t reverse the outcome of the game, though. If it were 21-17, that might be a different story, but it was 38-14.

    And your point about Sean Salisbury is right on the mark. He’s always an idiot. After Irvin and Stephen A, he’s the most hateable personality on the four-letter network.

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