Posted by: Nathan | October 4, 2007

Eschatology returns to Church

This past weekend at Flatirons, we delved into a subject that’s been all but ignored in the sermons I’ve heard over the last few years: Christ’s return. That’s right: the rapture! Next week will be the Second Coming, which I’m very excited to hear. If you would like to take a listen, here’s the link.

Pastor Jim was great in this one. Since Flatirons opens its doors to everyone and eschatology is a hard topic, Jim said something like: “You don’t have to believe this, but I’ll say this, even though it sounds mean: it’s still true.” I love this church. I only wish it were closer to us.


  1. “Next week will be the Second Coming, which I’m very excited to hear.”

    Wow. Good thing I read this blog!

    We touched a little bit on eschatology in our small group last night after watching Rob Bell’s NOOMA 003 (Trees). If I can get my MP3 player working I might give that sermon a listen while mowing the lawn this weekend.

  2. Have you read “Famous Rapture Watchers” on Google? It is really thought-provoking. And “Pretrib Rapture Diehards” is good also. Jon

  3. It’s a good thing that eschatology continues to be discussed in the church. I fear that scatological humor is employed more often than eschatology, however.

  4. […] was terrific—in fact, it was among the best of my life. Even though the Second Coming I accidentally predicted didn’t take place, the message about it was amazing. Jim answered a lot of really tough […]

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